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  1. I started working as a cook at the age of sixteen, worked in a half a dozen places as a cook for 12 years, and then went into management.


    I can cook steak, fish, vegetables, poultry, sauces, and a few different types of soup. I have used a microwave in the past, but not solely. I prefer to cook on a charbroiler.


    So yes I can cook.

  2. Top 20 from 1967


    1. To Sir With Love, Lulu


    2. Happy Together, Turtles


    3. Windy, Association


    4. Ode To Billie Joe, Bobby Gentry


    5. I'm A Believer, Monkees


    6. Light My Fire, Doors


    7. Somethin' Stupid, Nancy Sinatra & Frank Sinatra


    8. The Letter, Box Tops


    9. Groovin', Young Rascals


    10. Kind Of A Drag, Buckinghams


    11. Little Bit O' Soul, Music Explosion


    12. I Think We're Alone Now, Tommy James & The Shondells


    13. Respect, Aretha Franklin


    14. I Was Made To Love Her, Stevie Wonder


    15. Come Back When You Grow Up, Bobby Vee & The Strangers


    16. Sweet Soul Music, Arthur Conley


    17. Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Frankie Valli


    18. Never My Love, Association


    19. Soul Man, Sam & Dave


    20. Expressway To Your Heart, Soul Survivors

  3. Three tattoos, skulls head with ponytail on my right shoulder, chinese symbols on right bicep (strength and wisdom), and home-made, self inflicted female demon on inside of left forearm (hopefully soon to be removed).