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  1. Yep, this is the TV ad. I thought maybe it would be the lizard alone. LOL! :)
  2. Of what I've seen, so far, in the USA, I would consider the Carslbad Caverns of New Mexico as a favorite. Another is Mt. Evans, in Colorado. The Badlands in South Dakota, as well as Mt. Rushmore. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis. In my home state of Minnesota, its the Boundary Waters Canoe Area - BWCA. In Canada, it would be Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario - via canoe. Mexico, it was the pyramids near Mexico City. The Colliseum in Rome, as well as St. Peter's Basilica, Sistene Chapel ~~ this has a fresco by Michaelango that is on four walls, as well as the ceiling! ~~ to name a few in Italy that I saw. There are many in the USA that I want to see, such as Gettysburg, the Air and Space Museum in DC, the Grand Canyon, too. Viewing a shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral would be great!.
  3. Yep, Doc, I do. I like this film, as well. My fav scene is when Slim Pickens straddles the nuke, and then descends to earth, whooping and waving his cowboy hat!
  4. Yes, he is in the infantry, so, yes, his odds of going to Iraq are greater than most. The way I see it, it is the insurgents in Iraq who should be afraid of soldiers like my son. You see, they are the best trained, best armed, and best supported troops in the world! Hoo raah!! :)
  5. I don't intend to discount that others have had such "sightings". However, I do know, from the Bible, that Satan is a master at counterfeiting, and so I wouldn't put too much stock in that these "sightings" are of great significance, but merely Satan at work. As far as "ghosts' being of unnatural deaths as in suicide or such, that , to me, is fiction, and has no merit. Why? Reread the second line.
  6. As already mentioned by TUH, the Bible speaks of a spiritual realm, inhabited by both angels and demons. They are both present, perhaps even in our midst, yet invisible to our eye. At times, they are visible, though I don't know why. Not to worry, tho, that the Supreme Being, God, is keenly aware of the goings on of His angels, as well as the demonic forces of Satan. God has ultimate authority over all these beings, and Satan, too. I say this so that you need not worry about "ghosts". God is in control.
  7. Personally, I don't know. However, a million units have already been sold, according to the news. That seems like a big stamp of approval!
  8. How many games have you said this about now? Oh ye of little faith. Wisconsin is going down... I think. As for UK/Mich St, I won't even risk a prediction. 312764[/snapback] Sorry, Ace. Looks like the Wildcats met their match. Ya gotta admit, it was a real "barnburner"! Looks like Louisville will have to bear the torch for KY fans. Yep, it looks like the Big Ten will gain more respect. A lot like Rodney Daingerfield.
  9. Joining the Army, or any branch of the service, is a good idea, MP, and not necessarily for the reasons given. It gives you a chance to mature, grow up, learn responsibility, how to properly deal with authority ( a major problem with youth, from what I've seen and experienced personally), as well as provide a steady income, plus the opportunity to go back to school, either to college or a technical school. BTW, my own son is a recent graduate from Ft. Benning, one the Army's basic training posts. Right now, he is working and planning to go to college, as he is in the National Guard. He may get shipped out to Iraq, but, then, maybe not. I think it would be worth your while to check out the Army. I spent four years active duty in the USAF, as well as four years in the Minnesota Army National Guard, so I speak from experience, MrPsychic.
  10. Terry Farrell appears in the movie "Back to School " featuring Rodney Dangerfield. It was on Movie Plex this weekend.
  11. Yeah, its great to see the Illini in the Final Four. MSU has a pretty good shot at beating KY. The team must be pumped after the victory over Duke, the first time that Izzo has beat Mike K's squad. Wisconsin is a long shot over UNC, but , hey, this has been the tourney of upsets! Three Big Ten teams in the Final Four? :) We'll see. Sadly, the Gopher women lost tonight. Hopefully, they will be back again next year.
  12. David Letterman - and his "here, watch this" skits. Also, the Stupid Human Tricks are a hoot!
  13. I just recently watched "Conspiracy Theory" on VHS, featuring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. Its a great flick, and it did feature a ST actor, none other than Patrick Stewart. He played the "heavy" role as Dr. Jonas, programming people to be assassins. Sort of like "The Bourne Identity" with Matt Damon. << Another great film. :P
  14. :lol: Sorry to hear that, Yillara! I had missed several days of work in Feb, due to a stomach/intestinal fungus called "ci dif" I had a bad case of gas and "the trots" LOL! I only recently finishes my medicine. Prayerfully, there will be no relapse!
  15. Yes, come back soon, RC! You are missed! :P You and your family are in my prayers. :lol:
  16. :: jaz chokes down humble pie:: Umm... I see the 'Cats won. Good for you, Ace! The Tar Heels nearly lost. Otherwise, I did ok today - 3 of 4. The Illini are the only team left on my bracket. Oh well, c'est la vie! :) ...or not. 312526[/snapback] Go Badgers! Yep, my brackets are all a major bust. :) However, this is what puts the "madness" in the NCAA tourney. Hopefully, the Minnesota women's team does well against Baylor. And three Big Ten teams in the Elite Eight? To all those naysayers :: jaz sticks out tongue :: :P
  17. Thanks for the photos, WAB! Good job! :thumbup:
  18. :P It appears very evident that my skills at prognostication - predicting who will win - are lacking, indeed. :P Only one of my three picks won; two, if I include my other bracket. So, I guess this is what makes the games so exciting. Fortunately for me, I don't gamble on the games. Plinking coins into nickle machines at a casino, on occasion, is the extent of my gambling. Not even for poker. :lol: As to tonight's games, I see, "through a glass darkly..." (or something like that :) ) that there are two possible upsets. First, Michigan State over Duke. The second, and my apologies to Ace, Utah over Kentucky. Utah's Andrew Bogut is awesome to watch! The other games are: Wisconsin vs North Carolina State; and Villanova vs North Carolina. Now to find something to do until the games start this evening. :P
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  20. Getting my munchies and soda in preparation for a night of NCAA basketball on TV. Woo hoo! Go Big Ten! :P
  21. Woo hoo! :P The March to the Arch continues tonight. The "sweet sixteen" remaining teams will begin to dwindle. Illinois plays UW -Milwaukee. Naturally, the Illini are heavy favorites, but I hope it isn't a blowout. The other match-ups: Louisville vs Washington; West Virginia vs Texas Tech; and Arizona vs Oklahoma State. ** please note that the underlined teams are my picks to win. I did, however, pick AZ over OSU in another bracket. :lol:
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  23. Watching "Survivor: Palau". :P Next: an episode of CSI. :P
  24. Very good, anslem1701! :P I have WMM, but have never tried it. Maybe now.... :P
  25. I actually may watch it. It sounds like a hoot! Maybe this is to exploit the long-running joke about the real meaning to the initials in "IOWA" - Idiots Out Walking Around. :P Just kidding, of course.