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  1. I dont want to see Manbat or Clay Face in the Films, the Mad hatter would be cool to see, team him up with the riddler and you got a good Movie IMO
  2. PS3 is too pricey right now and really the only game I would get it for is Metal Gear Solid I like how the Wii will help me whenever I feel stiff, without having to go out to that Evil Sun
  3. so Two Face is the Main villan I guess in the 3rd movie (IDK for sure) but who else would u like to see in the Batman movies as villains
  4. well Ghost Hunter International is coming back on in a few weeks, I like that one, its cool seeing the old European Haunts, so much history over there!
  5. Ok I am getting a Wii what are some games I should get? and has anybody who has one tried using Gamecube equipment and games on it, and if so how do they look Thanks Joe!
  6. I dont watch American Idol cause I hate the Pop Music, AGT is cool cause you see everything from all types of music acts, to magic, etc it showcases everything but so far this season has not been as good as last, I dont like the audience being there during auditions
  7. 52 days till draft, Sign up if you havent already
  8. Itchygomba is a weird name I came up with thanks to Super Mario Bros, I made a Comment that the Gomba's look like they would be itchy if you touched them, and my old nickname was born Itchygomba
  9. I dont have any Cotton Candy but I got a lolly-pop you can suck on Mmmmmmm
  10. The Draft Sucked Why did the WWE break up JR and the King? Also I think it was bad taste for WWE to run the stage collapse onto Mr. McMhaon, when a Few weeks ago a TNA employe was killed by that
  11. what if you are a diabetic. does that mean you cant post in the cotton candy factory?
  12. Pie-Pie, is that a Male name or female name IDK with cats, Ive seen Male Cats known as Fluffy thats why I ask You never Know RC called it a He when it might be a She, and then if the cat reads this he will be mad
  13. Mine is Frye from Futurama with the Animated cast of TOS, from an episode of Futurama Really is it needed we describe these?
  14. Cold General Tso's Chicken I thinks its better when you eat it out of the Fridge then when its hot! I love Chinese food
  15. Smackdown was OK Friday, I am wondering what the Draft will bring and with that stupid McMahon's Millions Raw wont have any matches @ all, they need to drop this Gimmick its lame and its not helping the ratings much @ all
  16. Just make sure the team name is somehow Trek Related Please!
  17. Ok so I wont have to send you the link, its right here on the page
  18. Thats the League's URL the password is spock if any problems trying to set it up PM me and if you have AIM its Itchygomba69
  19. Registration is now open so send me your emails so I can send you an invite!
  20. She cant drive She is a Women! I can feel the heat coming down on me as I type this LOL
  21. I got Alana to watch Star Trek, so its not strange at all but I am gonna always be alone I think :o
  22. anybody watch King of the Hill Where Dale's eating Cotton candy and not paying any attention starts munching on an old ladies Perm I've been wanting to bring that up since this topic started
  23. I liked Jadzia but Ezri looks cute and the type of girl that someone like me could corrupt!
  24. is it Irony I live in Orange Park and about 5 Miles from the I95 exit on Blanding Ave in Clay County? Well Yes, Yes it is!