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  1. Ok just a quick tid-bit I went to No Way Out and went to the Marriott afterwards andwas at a bar there called the Steelhead and sitting down next to me and my friends were Fit Finley and Ricky Steamboat, pretty cool eh? god I needed a Camera Phone, anywho Huge Wrestling Mark here and I look Forward into discussing WWE with you guys
  2. could you please explain, I am not an Enterprise fan, plus I work in the evenings and Don't get the chance to see it even if I wanted to
  3. of all the trek Movies what is your least Favorite I would say Generations I was very disapointed in it especially no Spock and also with TMP very Boring movie
  4. I could of Sworn in 1st Contact or Insurrection that somebody asked why this new Enterprise did not have the ability to seperate the saucer
  5. prequels arent that great people! Look @ StarWars ahhhh! seriously I would like to see the death of Picard to finally put an end to the TNG Movies
  6. this has always bothered me with Nemesis, but i think maybe he had to do it as a member of a frat or someting
  7. I am a Post-Fan, I found the 1st 2 seasons of DS9 to be Stale, I found myself watching Babyalon 5 instead of ds9 but once the Dominion arc started I watched it more, now not a die hard fan but watched it when I could, Now that I understand DS9 more and watch it on Spike, I still am not a huge fan of the 1st few seasons
  8. It bothers me alot that they never have really explained very much the foreheads of the Kingons in THE TOS and all the other Series, even Worf made a Quick Reference to it inDS9 but we never fully got a good explination
  9. I dont think it would as been as popular, I doubt it would of gone past 1 season
  10. Ok I'm not too upset with the loss of Enterprise, for one it messes up the timeline at points or it will, and it just doesnt feel like startrek to me, I watch i feel im watching Babylon 5, I would much rather see a new series with it involving Riker and Capt. of the Titan or something else