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  1. i <3 Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although it annoys me that all the q's names are q!!!! ugh! :(
  2. voyager is awesome, i'd love it except the whole plot in voyager is getting home and avoiding kazon/borg/species 8472/whatever the heck shows up
  3. sorry i have none :( :(, i wanna but never get them/cant afford $100+ voyager seasons
  4. great game
  5. it sounds like and interesting possibility, there never have really been many big shot startrek actors recently, other that jeri ryan
  6. yes i have a huge ego should star trek stop making movies?
  7. i think they have portugese subtitles
  8. FC was awesome
  9. Nemesis was so cool!!!! I especially liked Data singing at the beggining, to bad we cant see more of him.
  10. im an old school guy so i liked it
  11. i didnt really like generations because the storyline was kinda boring
  12. nice sig
  13. TNG
  14. twas alright
  15. thats a good question, i dont know