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  1. That's a pretty sweet cake!
  2. All Good Things is by far the best two part episode!
  3. The Matrix is by far the best movie on that list.
  4. Myspace.com Xanga.com StarTrekFans.net AIM.com Mail.Yahoo.com EBay.com Military.com Marines.com StarWarsFans.net Mullen.cc
  5. You Are Klingon, You want everything for yourself, Honor you hold dear, but it fades with every day of glory Klingon 85% Borg 65% Cardassian 60% Dominion 50% Romulan 50% Federation 35% Ferengi 30% Vulcan 20%
  6. Steve 100%
  7. Now that was a cute cat...I should see if mine can do the same...
  8. Dandoo I know it's not that bad but when my mom yells it around the ladies its kinda...acward lol
  9. WOW 82% I had no idea...lol
  10. Talkin to my friends on aim
  11. Cargos and a polo
  12. Come back soon
  13. It was ok...I'm not a big voy fan
  14. My buddy just sent me this quote and I couldn't agree more. Later Days
  15. I used to collect Star Trek books, but now I collect girls numbers lmao.