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  1. When I first read about this I was absolutely thrilled. Still am. It may not be Firefly related but it'll due.....for now. Also Nathan has just signed a deal with Fox Studios and Fox Television to star in a brand new series they create for him and if par chance the pilot doesn't get picked up the have to write him into one of the exisiting shows. Jessy
  2. Yep I do. I personally have my laptop, an XBox, and a Gameboy Advance SP. Though total in our house there is an Atari, a NES, a super NES, a Nintendo 64, 2 Gamecubes, 3 Gameboy Advances, a Sega, a Sega Genesis, a Sega Dreamcast, 2 PS1s, 2 PS2s, 2 PSPs, and 2 XBoxs. Most of these are systems my little brother aquired over the years.
  3. Personally I have to say both Janeway and Chakotay had their own unique idea of what it means to lead initally and on many occasions we have seen them clash with each other. But working together they were almost an unstoppable force. They learned from each other and gradually their unique prospectives intertwined to a more common ground. Sure they still had their fair share of conflicts but what captain and first officer hasn't. All in all I believe the seven years together in the Delta Quadrant has made them equally capable captains each with their own strengths.
  4. Well I watched the Season Premiere and I have to say I think this is going to be a very interesting one at that. I can't wait to see what will happen next. I'm just so happy the new season is finally here.
  5. Yea, there are 2 near where I live too. One is about 30 miles away but the other is right outside of town about 10 miles from my house. Both are only single screens, but they show two movies a night every weekend during the summer. I try to get to the closer one at least once every year, if there is a good movie playing.
  6. I just got myself and iPod for my birthday and then, even though I have the Firefly DVD set, I bought the Firefly downloads from iTunes. Now I can watch it anywhere.
  7. Here's a pic Marley McClean from Serenity
  8. Yeah its now four days later and I'm watching it again. hehehe
  9. I have up to Search for Spock and then Generations to Nemesis.
  10. I got up to three. Eventually I'll complete the set.
  11. I got up to season 3. Same as with DS9 I'm saving and shopping around.
  12. I have season 1 and 2. I hope soon to have 3.
  13. I have up to season 3. I've been slowly saving and looking around for good deals. Eventually I have all seven.
  14. It definately had to be season 4, which is personally my favorite season of all.
  15. I went with Klingons. Probably just cause I of a recent episode of Mind of Mencia I saw.