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  1. I loved Smallville, it was a great show.. :(
  2. * yawn *,..I need an early night... :fox:
  3. I dont drink them,..I only drink tea,..water or juice.
  4. Good grief... :( .. A Bible A dictionary Speakers and Mic A note pad and three pens A small vase A cute bunny statue cd's diary My Moblie phone hole punch stapler high-lighters a couple of floppy's Sun glasses camera a few candles Minty wrapers..( just a few ) a ring and a watch..
  5. Tasmania is also famous for it's cheese. They make one which is called " Rubican Red " it has a very strong flavour and one of My favorite cheese's.
  6. well,..I think she is attractive,.. more so now since the bun has gone.... :(
  7. Hiya LOTB, still looking for crew...?
  8. I'd say season 2. It got really good from there.. :lol:
  9. I love the show.... :lol:
  10. I have to pick Kirk, He was a great Captain and i feel he got better as he got older. :huh: But,...i do like spock as well... :huh: ... :lol:
  11. ^ must post a heck of a lot more then i do..and is the same rank as me...
  12. In the StarTrek universe: You would serve in starfleet as a Commander. You have a command position. You may have started your career in Starfleet by working in medical. Any of the following positions maybe available on a Starship: Medical Officer Nurse Medic Medical Technician Counselor Some people are not as interested in technology as the people behind it. They believe that a society should be more than just a bunch of wires and machines. Our technology may tell us where we are going, but does it really tell you what we paid to get it? The success of every mission is measured on the health of the crew. Even though technology can be repaired, there are some things which can't be replaced. :P and here i am thinking i would get the position as a cleaner..
  13. Well,...i have always thought of myself as somewhat geekish...but after reading all of the above ( and may i add not really understanding all of it..) i guess im not as geeky as i thought... :P i dont know a great deal about computers and could not explain things like.... HTML and Linux.... to save my own life so i must be " normal "...oh good grief.. :P
  14. How big he
  15. I am in love with Captain Picard...*