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  1. OK, VBG suggested I start this topic since he got tired of me saying "didn't see it" for his reviews. I'm guessing there will be a lot of odd-numbered movies and Enterprise episodes here.
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  3. Oh, and don't worry about what AE thinks is correct. Remember, he thought Harold Camping was correct. It's as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly laughed at.
  4. It's close.
  5. I love it just for that first one. "Titties! I'm gonna squease your titties!" as he runs to grab her. From personal experience I can say that rarely works.
  6. And yet the words that might actually get me in trouble with God are OK.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oNq2Ex333w
  8. Hell (I'm trying to say a bad word but can't) no I ain't no God damned Christian. What a stupid question!
  9. OMG! Can't believe you finally noticed! It's not like you had to look up an 8 month old topic or something like that.
  10. When is Corina getting her own website?
  11. Agreed. Vic's posts should be screened so that only real information gets through. These "I'm relly excited!" posts have no content or depth to them.
  12. She's horny.
  13. Don't like it, don't buy it. It's that simple. Nobody has a gun to your head.
  14. But why was that weird orange-headed alien not in TMP?
  15. Let's be honest here. First Contact was all business. Not even 2 minutes into the movie the Borg threat was already in your face. There wasn't time for a lot of off-duty socializing. Even that scene with Riker, Troi, and Cochrane in that bar was part of the mission. Who had time to be gay?
  16. If you go by the books and screenplays Hawk had 3 different first names. The actor aand producers all deny he was intended to be gay. You have to wonder what the actor must be thinking. "I had one line. I thought my voce was deep enough. Did I sound gay? Really, do I come across as gay?"
  17. I dunno, I've seen a lot of stupid people with iPods.
  18. Somehow Yelchin playing a clutz seems entirely appropriate.
  19. I seen it. It's not bad. The young Xavier has some lines about his hair. There is one flaw however. We see the spinal chord injury that confined young Xavier to his wheelchair but in The Last Stand we see a flashback with Stewart up and walking around. Mystique is a young hot blonde in this one. Horny too! 3 different guys she wanted to bang. Nice.
  20. He should have Sulu be gay just to see Takei's reaction. "I had a wife and kids! I was the ONLY character to have a wife and kids! Now this guy Cho gets to play the role the way I wanted for myself?"
  21. Good point. They are all male voices. Maybe males are the ones doing most of the fighting so they are the ones most likely to be assimilated?
  22. Has an actor ever said "(I'm trying to say a bad word but can't) all those ingrates, but I'll be back for the sequel if the money is good."? No, they ALL have to at least pretend to get along.
  23. But they were the three main characters. That's the way Rodenbery set the show up. They were *supposed* to get the most lines and scenes! However, you have to admire how Shatner made it part of his persona. Remember, Shatner left Trek with the common image that he wasn't a very good actor. Now he wins Emmys! You think he would have been offered roles with 3rd Rock from the Sun, Boston Legal, Shit My Dad Says, and Priceline.com if he didn't cultivate an image of himself as a washed-up egotistical buffoon? Forget it. His career would have been over with Trek. Yeah he took an unusual gamble by feeding into what his critics despised about him, but it paid off big time. During Trek's run Leonard Nimoy was hands down the better actor, and he was just as much a household name as Shatner. But did Nimoy get any significant gigs after that? Nothing non-Trek fans would know about. Shatner went on to get other roles because while we laughed at him we also laughed *with* him.
  24. Your real password is geez?
  25. Yeah, let's get back to Shatner and Takei!