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  1. I made 4 Star Trek: TNG wallpapers today... I wanted to find one on the net and I couldnt find any, so I made one and then I couldnt stop... so here they are, please tell me if you have any favorites! (I'm using the data one, guess why ^__^) I'll make more tomorrow! (Sorry, geocities so copy and paste the urls!) Data: Troi: Riker: All:
  2. Hey I havent been here in a long time, I'm glad more people answered and I'm glad you all liked them Thanx again
  3. TNG all the way.. But if I had to choose a second one.. Maybe South Park :)
  4. I voted for Final Frontier, that was really the worst :)
  5. I say that First Contact was my fav, my second one would be Nemesis!
  6. I think Nemesis was a great movie.. But it would of been awsome if Data would not have died :) I rank it my second fav star trek movie :)
  7. store
  8. I'm glad you all like them, I'll try to make more if I have time! If I do, my next one will be Klingon themed! :blink: And glad you like it Rikerchick! :blink:
  9. Thanks, I worked pretty hard on em and I like the way they turned out! I think my next one will be Klingon themed :blink:
  10. Yep I have a yellow one^.^
  11. Hehe really? Thanks thats great :blink: And thankyou VaBeachGuy!
  12. B) :blink: :blink: :lol: whee ^.^
  13. New york
  14. Click for Spoiler: Testing spoiler thankyou! test Click for Spoiler: test invert TEST
  15. I'm 14
  16. I'm not really sure about that.. I think I would make a better first officer hehe
  17. I adore him! He's strong and smart yet so sweet and innocent! I have a picture of him in my room... O.o But I don't think he'd like to be called as "it" but rather "him" lol
  18. I'd have to say Superman even tough I adore Data... Data has the offswitch and everything so I think he wouldnt be able to win :-/ But Data is still pretty strong and fast.. Now I don't know what to think lol
  19. I tottaly agree, so i voted no one
  20. That's a cool converter! It's going to be very useful
  21. I'd say basketball but my second is soccer
  22. My favorite is TNG!
  23. Hehehe, I havent seen it before but it looks really funny! I'd love to see it tough