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  1. Also, some people want to see the galaxy, but don't want to go to the Academy to be an officer or enlist, or can't afford their own ship. Instead, if they can do something they enjoy, while still seeing the galaxy (and what better view than 10-Forward?) and getting to be on the forefront of adventure or events without having to rely on the news to tell them everything, they can just be there. Besides, with replicators, no one is really wasting resources.
  2. And World War III, and some of Post-Apocoliptic Horror. Yikes, it's going to be a rough ride.
  3. The saluting being offensive to other culters has some plausability. I remember a scene in "In a Mirror Darkly" where Archer or Forrest or both were walking down a corridor and there were three guards there. As they passed each guard, that guard would do a salute thing I beleive. That alternate universe was more military-oriented when Starfleet was concerned as well.
  4. I thoght I read somewhere that the "N" stands for "nacelles," but I can't really remember with a conclusive degree of certainty.
  5. From what I have played of the series(Desert, Jungle, Urban), I think Jungle Strike was the best. I was dissappointed with Desert Strike because they used the same basic map for every level and it was only like 4 levels long. I can't really remember, but I think the story was lacking as well. Jungle Strike, in my opinion, was the best of the three that I played. Best graphics and controls of the three I thought and also the best story. There was more variety with the level environments, like winter, jungle, and stuff, plus I thought they looked the most realistic. The ability to change into the other vehicles on certain levels was a plus, especially the jet with unlimited missles. The levels (especially the last one) were pretty difficult, especially enemy tanks that could fire quickly and do plenty of damage, but if you could strafe fast enough you could usually defeat the opponent. Urban Strike, well, it was alright. I thought the graphics and detail suffered when compared to the predecessor, especially the explosions. The movement of your helecopter seemed to be a bit slower in this game, and sometimes I think the gameplay slowed down if too much stuff was happening. I thought this game was way easier than Jungle Strike. The environments of flying over different cities of the United States were pretty neat though. I though the ending was too easy and sort of anti-climatic, Jungle Strike's was better. The ending sequence also was sub-par as well as I recall, no real closure, at least for me. The mission where you could run around were sort of fun. That's what I thought of the first three, but I haven't gotten to play the ones for Playstation.
  6. Yes! One of the pieces of equipment that gets damaged on a starship a lot appears to be the starboard power coupling. On at least 3 seperate occasions in TNG this occurred. Twice on the Enterprise, one of them being "The Wounded" and the other time in "Yesterday's Enterprise" and once in "Redemption Part II" on the Sutherland What is it about those starboard power couplings!? Also, I read on Wikipedia somewhere that the number 47 is included in almost every episode in some form on purpose, some kind of almost cult-like thing or something.
  7. I just saw "Family" a few days ago. A very emotional episode on all fronts. In regards to the situation with Picard and his older brother, I always thought this was wonderfully done and sort of sad too. What I do want to know is, does it have more of an emotional impact on you when you see it when you know about what happens in Generations? I thought it did to me at least, everything seemed more sad. Another interesting thing I noticed was (and maybe you all noticed this already) but in the episode, I think when the Picards are having dinner, there appears to be a fireplace somewhere since you can see the glow of flames. I highly doubt they would have some holographic fireplace, so I'm pretty sure it was the real deal. So, could that have been the source of the fire that ended up killing both him and Rene? And if so, wasnt it ironic that the resistance to technology was the cause of their demise?
  8. The fur vests were seen again in the battle but they had been replaced with the dull-green uniforms by the time of "Peak Performance." That episode portrayed the Ferengi as adversaries but only because they were able to capitalize on suprise. ::whispers:: Yankee trader...
  9. I really do like that, but it seems too quick. About the article, if its true, its outstanding news. I actually like that idea of involving Q. John De Lancie, who I probably just butchered his name (apologies) should be included since he was an important part of the TNG series.
  10. I'd ask that you not kill Picard off. Why is everyone so hung up on killing Picard? He is cool!
  11. I won't go as far as worship, but I do agree. QUITE attractive.
  12. Another reason why I don't understand Star Trek is picked on so much. All this cool stuff, Star Trek thought of it FIRST! (usually)
  13. Enterprise without a doubt catapaulted my view of the Andorians to one of my favorite races of Star Trek.
  14. I talked to a physics professor at the college and he said it was because the units had to match up. Energy = mass x velocity squared Energy, being measured in joules is kilograms x (meters squared / seconds squared) so basically, it's all in the units. This topic can be closed at the moderator's convenience.
  15. I thought Trelane used some kind of machine behind a mirror for his powers. Though it has been quite a long time since I have seen this episode, I probably have forgotten the specifics.