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  1. I loathe T'Pol. For very much the same reasons as Jolene herself has inimated. This whole arc over Season 3 and 4 has seriously weakened the character. There absolutely no basis for her to have a relatioship with anyone and the one they chose to pursue was a disaster because it so damaged the other character's involvement in the storylines. Episode after episode all we got of Trip was in relation to scenes with her. The trellium d addiction was a rather silly story device to basically turn her into a human so they could get her clothes off. If all they wanted was a sex kitten in a cat suit, that is what they should have written - not a Vulcan. I thought all the nonsense would be over and done with after the wedding in 'Home' but no - they are dragging it out until the last.
  2. Whatever the Sinister Six are - Star Trek fans isn't one of them. Any true Trek fan would display a far greater tolerance and positivity whatever their views on the current show. They are basically trouble makers that have monopolised the board at which is sad since it is ostensbily the official board for the franchise. All they seem capable of is rudeness and reduce every thread to pointless banter between themselves. At least the King indulges in intelligent comment and, whilst not liking Enteprise, seems to uphold the tradition and vision as a whole. I happen to agree with Majel Barret that 'her' Star Trek will die with Enterprise. Whatever reincarnation we may get in the future will not uphold the dream and vision of her husband - as society deteriorates I am afraid there will be no room for a television programme that promotes hope and optimism for the human condition. Whatever your opinion of Tim and the people at Saveenterprise, they display all that is best about the philosophy of Trek and I for one would rather go down with that ship - if indeed it does go down. And if Trek has taught me anything it is that there is always hope.
  3. I go with the topic starter and others - TNG was best but Enterprise has me hooked and could catch up fast if allowed to continue. I too lost a lot of interest with DS9 and Voyager.
  4. Enterprise is improving all the time this season- and Observer Effect was was favourite so far. I read at yesterday that the show has indeed gone to synidcation - please God this helps secure the three more seasons it deserves.
  5. 9.5 Fabulous episode - the best of the season so far.
  6. The most attractive person both inside and out is obviously Trip
  7. It will be done today!!
  8. Gave it 9. Loved it - Click For Spoiler if only to see the end of the stupid Trip / T'Pol thing and maybe even a chance that T'Pol will be redeemed as a believable Vulcan. Archer was back in Season 3 mode - but making wrong decisions. It was digusting that he wouldn't listen to his senior staff and the way he shouted down Trip for putting the safety of the ship and crew first was inexcusable.
  9. In fact here is the link:
  10. I totally forget where I saw it but a couple of days ago I came across a link to a site saying that Sky had announced airing will begin in March and will move to a Tuesday night. Season 3 ought to start on Channel 4 during the next three months too.
  11. I prefer not to read spoilers - and don't forget for us folks not resident in America it can mean we are weeks even years away from catching up. Don't spoiler our fun!!!
  12. Click For Spoiler You know I think Koss was a closet Syrannite and therefore the adherance to his cultural traditions and family's wishes are very important to him and therefore his determination to win T'Pol. After the cold way in which she received him on board Enterprise he probably began to see what he had committed himself to. She doesn't deserve him - and aside from logic I think he is just a good person and he saw the best way forward was to let her go. (I will not go into the fact that such a thing has been made of Vulcan bonding in the past that this should not be such an easy task). I like him - he a truly good man with an enlightened and generous heart - I am sure Gene Roddenberry would approve. Sadly I think T'Pol is too into herself and her drug induced emotions that make her the antithesis of everything Vulcan to realise what she has lost. He is exactly what she needs.
  13. Just so good - I am loving learning more about my favourite culture. Hoping that by the end T'Pol has realised what it means to be Vulcan and gets back to being one. T'Pau was pretty well cast - but Soval is still stealing the show.
  14. I will only be interested if the conclusion to the relationship is the end of it for good. Don't forget T'Pol has not been honest with Trip either - he doesn't know she's a junkie or what effect this communicable disease she carries may have on him. He deserves way better than her.
  15. I guess if it's got to be a single episode - it's The Forge. I loved the whole Augment arc though and Storm Front 1 & 2 as well but this episode had some great character moments (especially Soval and Forrest) and some wonderful insight into Vulcan culture. I only have any time for Home in that hopefully it is the last time I will have to endure any more of this pathetic Trip / T'Pol thing. I don't know about supporting drug abuse but I will stop watching if the franchise condones any more of that!! Can we have our Vulcan back please?