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    Music,writing,poetry,cooking,dancing,astronomy(an interest from which grew my love of Star Trek,lol).<br>I don't have a Yahoo or AOL identity.So,if you want to reach me my e-mail is
  1. :huh: Lord no! I do have some standards,after all.
  2. Wow,this question is tougher than I thought.I've written and deleted four responses now.I'm having a little trouble putting my thoughts into words.I suppose,what I want to say basically is yes,Cardassians have redeeming qualities.I saw examples of selflessness and loyalty from Garak,and even in Damar,there at the end...even if his devotion was more to Cardassia than anything else.For a while I Thought Dukat was a great man.I started to feel that maybe in his own way he did think that he had done the things he had done (as commander of Terok Nor),for the good of both the Cardassians and the Bajorans,and that deep down he was a man of principles,willing to fight for his beliefs,etc.But then as his true nature became more and more self-evident,I admitted to myself that he was nothing more than a cold-blooded Nazi.It was disappointing because I had liked the whole triangle between Dukat-Ziyal-and Kira.Dukat and Nerys had had some great moments together.
  3. I loved the relationship between Jake and Nog.It reminded me a lot of the relationship between me and a friend of mine.She was the Nog to my Jake,always getting us into trouble in one way or another :huh: .Nothing serious,just sneaking into the "haunted" abandoned house in our neighborhood,egging houses on Halloween,picking a neighbor woman's prize roses,playing pranks on boys we liked,or didn't like...I miss her.She moved away just before we graduated Jr High.
  4. This was exactly the sort of emotional,character performance driven show that I loved with Deep Space nine! Tony Todd is a brilliant actor,and I loved his scenes as the older Jake Sisko (and,Kurn of course).His raw emotion on the show and his ability to make the audience "feel his pain",had me crying! :huh: I loved seeing the glimpses into that other future (Nog in command of a starship was also great ).I could watch this episode again and again and find something new to love about it every time.
  5. I liked Bashir from day one.But I'll agree that he became an even better character after we learned about his genetic enhancements.And I loved the little group of other genetic "super" men that would occasionally visit him.They were so funny.
  6. I hated Kai Winn,the witch(that slur wants so bad to start with another letter... ).She was more pathetic than anything. Gul Dukat,now there was a true villain.He had a dynamic personality,and he was convinced of the "righteousness" of his own cause.To tell the truth and shame the devil,as we say down here,Dukat might have convinced me to switch sides (Marc Alaimo is a doll :blink: ). Nah.Maybe not,I'm too much a believer in the Federation and Starfleet.But I wouldn't have minded him tempting me.Sigh...
  7. Jadzia Dax! I loved Jadzia.She and I share a lot of the same opinions on things,and personality traits.
  8. I'm pretty sure she was stripped of her commission and her ship was taken away.I'd also wager she spent the past several years in a penal colony somewhere in the Federation. When she gets out,I'm sure the Nyberrite Alliance could use an experienced spacer.Like Worf said in TNG,the Nyberrite's are always looking for starship crewmen.
  9. Jadzia Dax. Ezri was okay,but Jadzia was so much better.She was smart and sassy and didn't care what anybody thought of her.She wasn't afraid to just be herself.I liked that.
  10. I'd spy,of course
  11. The colonies were destroyed by the Jem'Hadar. I never liked the Maquis.Most of them were a rogue's gallery of the quadrant's worst scoundrels,mercenaries,and criminals.The cells like Eddington's and Chakotay's were the exception,I think. I cheered every time Captain Sisko and the starfleet caught the Maquis.
  12. VA Beach Guy pretty much said everything,Captain Holland. In my opinion,it is the best of all the Trek series.(where's the movie?) I'm sure your going to love it when you do see it.
  13. You have a point.But then again,Deep Space Nine has ten times the firepower than an ordinary starship,so it hardly needs to run or evade.
  14. The school's here in Laurel are fine.In fact,I'm pretty sure Mississippi has some of the best schools in the country (the state has made a lot of progress over the past twenty-years).I attended public schools my whole life and so did all of my brothers.If I had children I'd send them to the same schools I went to.
  15. I graduated from high school the June before last,and am now living at home with my parents,and working full time.I'm not sure I want to continue on to college.