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    I like Star Wars and Star Trek and horror films.My mom doesn't think horror films are appropriate for kids,but my dad lets me watch them anyway.They're cool!I love reading comics,but the only books I like to read are Star Wars and Star Trek paperbacks.I don't really like school,and I don't participate in any sports or after school activities.I just kind of like hanging out on the computer at home.I have a PS2 and a bunch of games.I have a girlfriend named Shannon,a pet boxer named Caramel and a guinea pig named Sir Isaac Newton.I'm a good artist.My dad thinks I could become an architect or a graphic designer.I'd rather draw for a comics publisher.I'm thinking about joining the Air Force when I'm old enough,and maybe trying for NASA.That possibility is the ONLY reason I can stand school at all.I have to keep my grades up to even be considered for the Air Force Academy/NASA.I have built models of every space shuttle,and of the Voyager probe.Last year I got to go to space camp in Alabama,as a reward from the Boy Scouts.Oh,yeah,I am a Boy Scout and was a Cub Scout prior to that.My favorite sport is baseball.I love the Kansas City Royals.My dad takes me to three or four games a year.I have a lot of autographed stuff.I don't really like other sports.
  1. Don't download?Don't cheat Paramount? :blink: What do you do,Captain Picard?Work for them? Go ahead,everybody download!Don't pay one red cent!
  2. The best I could do today was 6 levels and a score of 17,900. I'll try again later,or tommorow.
  3. Hmm.You are right.It should say Seska. :blink: I didn't notice that when I voted.
  4. Alien cultures
  5. Humans
  6. The Tal Shiar :blink: or the Obsedian Order ?
  7. your not the boss of me,I'll do whatever I like and right now I think I'll...
  8. Its just more oppression from the man! Time for a revolution,brother! :blink:
  9. I'd join your site Sirius!Afterall,every good SW site needs a Sith Lord!That's me...Darth Bananas. I registered at Star a few months ago,and was treated rudely by almost everybody.They've got a problem with newbies or something.People kept telling me "someone already asked that" and "Don't you read the posts before you add something?"...well,NO,not when the threads are 21 pages long!!!!I got so frustrated I just stopped going to those message boards altogether and only use my hyperspace membership to download suff and get spoilers and stuff. :blink: My anger turned to hate.My hate made me powerful!The Dark Side of the Force coursed through my veins and I cut down my enemies! Sirius,if you only knew the power of the Dark Side!Hahahahahaha....
  10. I'm lucky 13. Not for too much longer though.
  11. This was my favorite show this season,so far.
  12. I loved that look on his face!You just know T'Pol's going to get payback somewhere down the road.I can't wait! :blink:
  13. True or false... Mister data used to walk around naked on Omicron Theta?
  14. I missed it :lol: I was in bed (or on the couch) sick all day....
  15. Shuttlepod One