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  1. Lets not forget Garak's contributions!That guy is a sewing fool!Clothed half the quadrant I hear,at his own expense....or maybe the Nagus paid for it when he was under the influence of the prophets?Either way,Garak's the one that did all the work,eh? :lol: And just this morning a Cardassian kid helped my cat down out of a peach tree (well,he looked Cardassian anyway ).
  2. Argo (shuttle)
  3. True. The Dominion trapped and destroyed the Cardassian and Romulan fleet in the Omarion nebula. True or false.... Lwaxana Troi and Constable Odo are man and wife?
  4. Reserved seating.... Romantic mood: Dinner and a movie/or dancing or Chinese take-out and cuddling at home by the fire?
  5. Tranya
  6. I can see how the clone troopers may evolve into the stormtroopers.I'm not sure about Palpatine/Sidious...I feel a George Lucas swerve coming on with that one. :)
  7. That's great,Capt.Smiley.Have fun. I saw Kiss when I was eleven-years old,back during their Love Gun tour.They're great. I like Aerosmith,too,but have never seen them perform live. I wonder which group will open the show?There's bound to be a battle of ego's there.
  8. True... Every time a captain losses a ship,no matter the circumstances he must stand trial before a courtmartial. True or false... Geordi LaForge once served aboard the USS Stargazer?
  9. the captain as a friendship gift,but Picard refused the ornaments...
  10. Klingon Opera
  11. Suliban
  12. :) Enterprise's :) or Deep Space Nine's
  13. This episode rated a 10 for the weapons exchange all by itself. My only thought was that the Enterprise crewmen should have taken out the cowboys a lot more easily than they did.
  14. Thanks for the link,Sirius.I needed a good laugh.You know,its really great when you imagine the actual voices of the crew and ship's computer as you read the little story. :lol:
  15. True or False.... Tasha Yar was Ukranian by heritage?