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  1. That's great,Sirius.Really funny.I just wished it had been a longer story. :blink:
  2. What's with this season? Last week Minnesota gets crushed by the Chargers...the Rams get schooled by a second-string QB and the 49ers... This week the Bengals maul the strongest franchise in years,Kansas City...and again,the Vikings get obliterated by a weak AFC team,the Raiders.... What in the hell is going on? I honestly can't remember anything like this season...all of the injuries,the sudden and unexpected rise and fall of teams. I can't make any more predictions this season.I'm done. :blink:
  3. You lucky $#@! I saw Kiss back in '77 (or '78 :blink: ) in St.Louis.To this day that was one of the loudest,most exciting concerts I have ever been to.I was never a huge fan of theirs,but they rock good enough.Aerosmith are good,too. I'll agree with KlingonMike,Steven Tyler would make one ugly damned woman...but he sure makes some hot daughters,don't he? Have fun,Smiley.
  4. That might be cool,Sirius.I'd definitely take a look.
  5. :blink: another day...nothing. I think I'm going to suggest my buddy just look for an apartment. I hate these $#@!ing landlords we've been dealing with.I'd love to see them in the position their propective renters are in,and then see how high and mighty they act.I'd think less than a third of people could stand up to their ridiculous standards. Oh well,f#@! 'em. (and we wonder why poor people in certain countries string up landowners after a revolution occurs.)
  6. I hope to God I never have to rent a home for myself again,EVER (and since I own my home,I shouldn't have to)... I spent today checking out homes for rent in the Jonesboro Sun's classifieds for my friend Jorge.The attitudes of some of the real estate companies and private owners shocked me.Its as if people who smoke and pet owners have become the scum of the Earth,because the second they hear that you smoke or own a dog,that's it amigo,hit the road... Jorge has great references,the guy works hard,makes good money...but none of that matters because he and hiw wife both smoke,and the family own 2 dogs (that they always keep outside),a pair of caged love birds,and two cats.Not a single solitary home listed in the paper would have them for those reasons :) I know some folks rent a place and tear it up and the owners are worried about renting to folks like that,but this is ridiculous... What's next?Homes reserved only for vegetarians?Homes only for people of certain religious beliefs?Or only for people with certain political or environmental viewpoints? If I ever get a bigger home and decided to rent out this place,the only thing I'm concerned about is if the renter has my rent,has a good credit history...and that's about it,because I'd have home owners insurance for the rest. Whats happening is descrimination against pet owners and smokers which should be illegal.
  7. 27,245 points and eight levels. A personal best. Beat that Bananas! :)
  8. There is a favorite bumper sticker here in Arkansas that says "God,Guns,and Guts made America Free!Let's Keep all Three!"...I saw a bumpersticker that was modeled after that,but included God,The Enterprise,and James T. Kirk.Its been so long I can't recall the exact wording,but I remember liking it. A dayglow orange hearse,Sirius?What's wrong with that guy? There will be one time I ever ride in a hearse of ANY color,and thankfully I'll be past caring when it happens.Those dang vehicles freak me out.Can't stand even looking at one. :)
  9. Hey!I like the name Goose better than Geronimo! :)
  10. I don't own very many Trek books.I have a couple or a half-dozen around the house someplace.Most of the one's I've read,I've checked out of the library and then returned when I was finished.
  11. I can't say as I've ever really considered that possibility,sirius. :) I think I'm with you,though.I'm pretty sure the Valiant's recorder marker said that the entire crew were blown to smithereens,and only a single crewmember survived the passage through the barrier to evolve into whatever gary mitchell turned into.
  12. Hahahaha :lol:
  13. I sometimes go there just to see if anyone is there...but,of course,there sin't since I always check late in the a.m.,when no chats are scheduled.But that seems like the only time I'm ever interested in chatting.
  14. I'm fairly certain Nemesis occured sometime in the very early 2380's...but an exact date eludes me,as does a stardate. If you are just starting off writing your own Trek stories,it may be a good idea to write about familiar characters for a while.Later on after you're more comfortable writing fiction,you'll be a lot better prepared to create your own unique characters/personalities. Of course,you DO plan on letting us read your stuff,right?
  15. Oh-oh,your bound for hell now. :devil: I would vote TOS,but since that's not an option I'll take Deep Space 9.