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    Umm i enjoy lots of things. Mostly Hanging out with friendz, swimming, rollerblading, playing tennis, have groups of friend over and having a 'movie' night.. ummm watching star trek and going to high school*well thats mandatory*

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  1. OH BABY i voted WITH he was soo hot with it.. well excpetseason 2 season 3 and on OH BABY
  2. I said Worf... only cuz i want him dead... :blink:
  3. i choose B4.. he was sooo cute :blink:
  4. WHile Beverly Checks u out Will I will Have the rest of the Senior Staff called down to be checked.. :blink:
  5. The most important thing you can do is admit it. Congratulations RC! Next step is acceptance! Only eleven more steps to go and you'll be cured. I find them both pretty..
  6. Deanna*** *Beverly and i walked out of the Captains Ready Room entered the turbo lift and continued to Sick Bay where I would Moniter all of Beverly's Patients* "Bev, i sense something odd.. no in here.. but somewhere in the ship"
  7. WELCOME!!!!! I'm a Canadian 2 Ontario Oh Baby!!!!
  8. welcome
  9. welcome..
  10. welcome..
  11. HI!

  12. HAHAHAHA Nice name Gurlie.. i forgot to tell ya their were other Soongs.. hehe hope u got the controls good.. now check ur messages u shoudl have like 4 from me.. :P u know u luv me oh yeah Welcome to the Boards u will love it here.. u have soong so u are part of a family.. hehe *they luv data even more then u do hun..* Go watch Star Trek Luv ya Laur :borg: hahaha sorry they got new ones.. :) OMG THE OZZY COMMERCIAL IS ON!!!!!!!
  13. WOW!!!! thats so cool Good Job VBG hehe i'm on it
  14. Mine was Just because at my school were Known as the BR Celtics and i am a swimmer so Celtic_Swimmer.. On ST.com i was Baby Riker cuz i luved Deanna and Will and i was told i Looked like Deanna so baby riker came about.. hehe C_S
  15. O.O.C BACK!!!! B.I.C "Sir i will do whatever i can to help you.. i will even assist beverly in checking all the crew members, one of us will detect something either medically or telepathically.." P.S OOC means Out of Character and BIC means BACK in Character