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  1. YAY! THick Skinned!!
  2. I've been dying to get one of their glasses. I have yet to get any of the BK ones. But I got a "Beam up Badge" From a cereal box. O.O
  3. Wow. Raising a child based on IQ. That sucks. I feel so bad for both of them. This is such a shame. Sure, the woman may have needed help in raising her, but to take her away? Horrible. Just sad really. ;_;
  4. OH I love that shirt! You look good in it!! Awesome find!
  5. Your confusing me. I said "I KNOW". Sheesh. Anyway, I think the new movie did help bring in new comers. A few more fo my friends got to watch it and love it more than ever now. 8D
  6. Be sure to post a pic of it (with you in it of course) once it's done. Corina posted some pics here someplace of her in her Romulan costume last year. LOl I will. ^^ And I know, Lt. It's my own idea. >_>
  7. Constantly being made fun of by others....all the time... >_<
  8. LOL it hooked me, that's for sure. I loved the movie. It was well done and it really sparked my interest. Heck, I'mm even making a female Spock costume for me. xD *already got the ears* Woot!
  9. Banned for being in a Contemplative mood. xD
  10. I miss the show too.. Tuvok and The Doctor were always my fave. xD
  11. Banned for Banning me for banning someone.
  12. Banned for being captain. 8D
  13. Well i loved it. I laughed and loved every moment of it. it's what really got me into Star Trek recently. I'd gladly buy it right when it comes out.
  14. It sucked choosing between Spock and McCoy, but I love me some Vulcan! xD
  15. Oh Wow. That really surprises me. I really did not expect that. i really wanted to watch it too. I never really got the chance to see it because I missed the first few episodes, but that's so sad. This show looked like it had good potential.. Oh well. :_;