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  1. Two. Studio 6o on the Sunset Strip (which deserved a far better fate) and Mr. Sunshine (which wasn't great but not awful). I have to imagine this will meet a similar fate not because of Perry, but because it's on NBC and the premise seems somewhat limited (it would probably make a better movie). I think thats a bad track record for a guy that was a star of a very popular comedy show. NBC has a habit of not caring about the quality of their shows, hence the ridiculous premises that are the norm at that network. This show will in all likelihood follow suit.
  2. His role on Enterprise was never intended to be long-term. It was always going to be the three episode arc. It still doesnt change the mega fan fare that accompanied his appearance there. It was a big let down to those of us that had hopes of more involvement in the series from spiner.
  3. Perhaps it's not worded completely correctly but what they're saying is true. In the Heart of the Sea is about the sinking of the Essex in 1819. It's told from the perspective of the cabin boy Thomas Nickerson (who was 14 at the time). Apparently the notebook he wrote while on board was found in 1960 and that's what the book was based on. Additionally, the first mate of the Essex, Owen Chase, also wrote an account of the sinking of the Essex called "Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-Ship Essex". This was published in 1821 and inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick in 1851. So basically, this movie is about the true event on which Moby Dick was based. Don't know why I went to all this trouble. I really have no interest in seeing this. Based loosely on it.....maybe. Still doesn't explain why Hollywood produces one ripoff and remake after another. Its their money to throw to the wind, i guess. I just know better than to throw any of mine in the direction of a film that's claim to fame is based on an alleged notebook found more than a century after Melville wrote one of the greastest pieces of literature. Its sad that talents like Melville, Shakespeare and others have become the victim of detractors of low intellect that create theories based on sporadic pieces of 'evidence' and on the speculations of the unitiated. Anyways, this new film = Mega epic fail.
  4. NBC is home to the failed comedy, sitcom, etc, etc. Too bad Cho got mixed up with this show.
  5. I kinda remember when there was much celebration about his involvement with ENT and then he was gone almost as soon as he got there. I hope he hangs around and maybe becomes part of the cast.
  6. Its always good to see Nimoy on tv. I cant get enough of that "pointy eared hobgoblin."
  7. "In the Heart of the Sea was written by Nathaniel Philbrick. Herman Melvilleā€˜s classic Moby Dick was inspired by this tale." Actually, Moby Dick was written more than a century before this ripoff. So, in other words, not only is Hollywood out of fresh ideas, but "writers" like philbrick are too and feel the need to make money by ripping off an American classic like Moby Dick. How truly tasteless. Just sad that the only way to earn accolades is to ripoff the talents of others. I can't wait for the this one to be an epic fail at the box office like all the other ripoffs and remakes.
  8. :biggrin: Lets hope his performance here will be better than on TNG.
  9. Cool. At least the film got some recognition after 30+ years.
  10. This has to be one of the coolest photos ever. They all look so happy.
  11. Pine shoulda kept that firm that had to sue him for compensation then he wouldn't have to worry about landing projects like this.
  12. This is good news. They helped get him where he is and now he can pay what he owes them.
  13. Those are nice looking shirts. I got one for my friend. I hope he likes it.
  14. I found this one to be a good episode. Not the best, but still it held up well.
  15. I think he would've wanted a family if his life hadn't centered around his Starfleet career. For Picard, his family was Starfleet.