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  1. I voted for Alaimo as well. He is a superb actor, and I favor Dukat :-)
  2. Its good there is enough of you to go around for all the pretty girls...because you look yummy :-)

    Best Wishes...

  3. I just recently saw it for the first time. I've always heard rave reviews about it but was a little disappointed with it. I mean it was good and enjoyable but just not great as its touted by many imo.
  4. I adore Dukat
  5. Gul Dukat, he takes my breath away..I'd love to caress that strong scaly neck of his in the heat of passion.
  6. Garak of course
  7. I don't think wesley was so bad, there are other characters I like less.
  8. I'm half way through Shatner's latest, Collision Course-Academy It's OK but not as good as some of his others.
  9. They should Pike in the movie, he was an important character in the early history of Trek.