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    Stuff. And more stuff. <br />AND CAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
  1. It's telling me the quiz isn't open... But I'd say I'm around 20-30. People who see me usually guess about five years older than my actual age, and people online or on the phone tend to say a decade or two older...
  2. I, too, would count myself as Vulcan as anybody gets... but with just enough of something else so that I can and do throw the occasional (as in maybe biannual) fit. (well, what else would I count myself? The Trekkie director of my theater was assigning aliens to people... as in 'so-and-so is smarmy, he's a Ferengi' and I asked what I was... and everyone went 'yeah, Vulcan hands-down')
  3. Found this trawling around on eBay: LOL!!!
  4. So... out of curiosity... which one do you prefer? (If anyone else here uses it). I like them both well enough, but I prefer xanga. Better colors. I do have an lj name, but it's only to see some friends' blogs.
  5. Stargate SG-1 --best SF show in years Enterprise --duh JAG --don't ask.
  6. Because my email bounced... (it's my problem, I'm pretty sure, it's happened a little too often lately). Count me in. But there's a site you might wanna check out: . Browse around. Hey LOTBorg... this it the 'off-topic' forum... if there's anywhere on this site to post ADD comments...
  7. The slightly-too-familiar lights of the airport below me. Home... for a rather short time. (I'll only be able to poke my head in occasionally for another month or three).
  8. Something's come up that I have to deal with. I have absolutely no idea how much time it will take, but I'll be on sporadically if at all throughout the rest of the summer, at least. I'll be on if and as I can, and I'll miss you all--of course. Even if I don't have time to post, I'll try to stay caught up. Sorry about the short notice. Hey fellow moderates & liberals? Don't let the conservatives take over kronos in my absence, please? :)
  9. I have been here a long time and you have missed a lot of arguments in Risa, the precursor to Kronos. You have missed arguments on affirmative action, for instance. You are not the only one here who is not a libertarian or a conservative. I consider myself moderate, since my Chrisitian perspective causes me to be conservative on some social issues. But I am a life-long Democrat, so I have been disagreeing with Ed and MasterQ for a long time. It is just that, because I follow the restricitons and philosophy of this board, I have not developed an attitude where I show disrespect because we deeply disagree. To contrast this to what you do, which has repeatedly gotten you into trouble, you called the posts in Kronos "silly," which is disparaging. Why not just say there are some really extreme views expressed there? You think that sometimes the moderators are overly sensative. But it just takes a few pejorative remarks to cause a heated discussion to descend into a flurry of insults. Members of this board differ vastly. They differ in age, nationality, gender, professional or work life, political perspective, family status, name it! It may be that more of the political conservatives frequent Kronos, but there are a lot of people on this board who are here for Star Trek, and they do not bother to go to Kronos. As for silly... well, there are silly posts. Search "Kumbaya" within that forum for a very good example. Debates don't have to turn into flame wars. If someone insults you, post and say you refuse to get into a flame war, and then say whatever you need to say about the opinion. Not the opinion of you--the opinion on the idea. Common sense and maturity are the first things that're going to make someone listen to you, I've found. And if you've got those and can say what's on your mind in a way that people respect... and back that up... Well, then, it really doesn't matter how old you are, who you are, or what you are. That's why I love the Internet.
  10. And there's the Nineline, in the US: 1-800-999-9999. It's for runaway prevention/help and suicide prevention, mostly; it also is for counseling. It's free and confidential. It will also refer you to another, more specialized hotline/aid group if necessary. And it's exceptionally easy to remember.
  11. And in the action, fueled several years of truly awful slash. Seriously, though, I think he was just plain happy. Hey, a smile from Spock is the equivalent of a human running up to someone and hugging them and maybe even crying...
  12. Now it's some song I don't know... "Everyone, is just the same... they love me... but I can't say... there has been no-one brighter than you, I can't deny these things that I do... I have been waiting for you..." Anyone know it? Title, artist? Help?
  13. I personally like random threads, as long as they're fun.
  14. Same. Billy Idol, "You Don't Need A Gun"