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  1. Safe journey,good luck,and God bless,my friend.
  2. When I was living in Louisiana I liked Popeye's.It was great.Out here in California,for some reason the Popeye's chicken doesn't taste as good as I remember it.So,most times I either buy from KFC or El Pollo Loco.Still,I voted for Popeye's.
  3. I'm kind of looking forward to it.I've always liked autumn more than other seasons,anyway.Cooler weather,football season gets underway,baseball season is winding down,my favorite holidays are close at hand(Halloween,Thanksgiving,and Christmas).
  4. Believe it or not,she called it a publicity stunt.Now,don't go and say anything nasty about my mama.....she's just a bit odd.
  5. Sounds great.Too bad Fresno doesn't get more events like this,though it isn't surprising.
  6. Star Trek:Desperation Yet another film by Rick Berman,and he promises(again )that this one is the biggest and best yet!
  7. I agree completely.You know,Jack would have stayed behind on DS9 and gotten smashed at Quark's with Morn.He probably still wouldn't have noticed that Voyager and Kelly had left.
  8. That song,as sung by Nana Visitor,can be found on the Best of Star Trek Vol.2(CD),and may be purchased by visiting GNP/Crescendo Records website.Great song.I love the way Nana sings it.Of course,I love the way Nana does a lot of things . . . . . .
  9. If your mother is an attractive ship's doctor,and the captain is a bald frenchman,then you can pilot the ship and go on away missions at 13-years old!
  10. I voted for Kai Winn.Never liked that !@#$! from the start.I actually felt sorry for Dukat,jack-booted thug that he was.In his own mind he was trying to return Cardasia to a more glorious era in her history(an era that probably never existed to begin with).Khan's single-mindedness in seeking out revenge on Kirk never made much since.I mean,the guy had a starship,an ultimate weapon,and the far flung corners of the universe to hide in.He could have found a planet and become the ruler he wanted to be on Earth in the 20th-century.I guess losing his wife made him snap.The Borg Queen,as for her,I don't think she really cares about how many deaths she causes in order to reach "perfection".Admiral Dougherty,he was a true scum bag,like Cartwright and Colonel West before him.There are a lot of great heels to chose from.
  11. yeah but if you're overwhelmed with emotion, you tend to forget other objectives If he was human I could understand that, but he is an android and the emotion chip doesn't change that.. Well,yeah,it does actually.....since with the chip activated,he's just as emotional and prone to doing stupid things as we humans are. :borgqueen:
  12. I think it was!I've thought that was Sisko for years!He's the one calling out the casualty report on the Lexington. .I definitely believe that that was Ben Sisko commanding the Lexington.
  13. She'd have to be the pilot.I'm a fan of the Osbournes,by the way.I think Ozzy and Sharon are great.Can't stand the way Kelly treats her mother.Jack,...I just don't know about that guy.Would he really be getting all that female action if not for who his daddy was?Hmmm.....
  14. I remembered hating Bashir the first season of DS9.After that I kind of ignored him,until I found out he was a genetic "superman",like Khan.After that point he became a far more interesting character,and before too much longer i actually started liking the doctor.I think making him a genetically enhanced human being was a good play by DS9's writers.It saved the character from,at best,mediocrity.
  15. I like a lot of the fanfic I've read.Not so much the 70's-era stuff,where fans,it seems,were obsessing over some sort of implied 'gay' relationship between Kirk and Spock.Generally,if a story is well-written,stays true to the spirit of the series it is based on(and true to characterization),then I'm all for it.Otherwise,I'd just as soon not read it.Has anyone here stumbled across the tons of extremely x-rated Trek fanfic on the net?Some of it is just plain gross.I occasionally write Trek stories for my own enjoyment,and for a few of my friends to read(who only enjoy my stories because some of the characters are based on myself and them! ).I wrote more in high school than I do now.I'd really like to get back into it,but have to make the time.Previously all of my stories(which focus on none of the series,but on a starship of my own creation and my own characters)were set in the TNG-era.I want to do some TOS stories set in the mid-23rd century,with maybe the Orions as the chief protagonists of the UFP.I've had a few rough storyline ideas.If I do write anything,and get up the nerve to face all of your criticism,then I'll put something on the web.