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  1. While I haven't visited this board in over a year (or ever since the last episode of Enterprise)...i have missed the show very much. I wish it was possible to do this direct-to-dvd item...however, it is obvious that there is no demand for it (yes, i signed the petition). The best thing that i found for myself is to watch the every wonderful episode that was produced during Enterprise and wait for the next great Star Trek show to come about when it has garnered enough public interest.
  2. Interesting episode. I give it a 9.5. Click For Spoiler Archer is losing big time. He's lost his chief engineer, doctor, and armory officer. My complaint is this: If Archer is really a good captain, how come he can't get anyone in Engineering to respond? He obviously hasn't implemented discipline or control since Trip transfered. I know he's got a lot to deal with, but come now. An outrage.... Click For Spoiler I thought perhaps the writers would leave someone with some integrity onboard, but I guess not. Malcolm should receive a court marshall and an exit out of Starfleet. I can't believe he would leave Archer in the dark. Archer saved Earth from the Xindi and Malcolm just lies to him like he is no one. Really, I'm surprised Archer didn't take him to the airlock. What will not surprise me is if this season ends and some character relationships are not mended. Malcolm has never been my favorite character, but now he is even less my favorite. Keating had an excellent performance though!
  3. This is a sad day for all the loyal fans of Enterprise. I have not missed a single episode since the series premeire. While there has been intense criticism over the show by many fans, I can only state that your day has finally come. And I hope you are satisfied. As for those of us who did not wish to see it cancelled, do not give up hope yet. It is not impossible that another network will choose to make a profit from it....since UPN falls behind in most categories anyways. Perhaps this is naive optimism speaking...but perhaps not. Only time will tell. Fellow Enterprise fans, I share my sympathy with you.
  4. Well....I finally got to see the episode. I have to admit that the intro to "Daedalus" was a little strange and *off*. Was kind of different, which I semi-liked. Click For Spoiler Hmm...I'm not so sure about this new T'Pol direction. However, it seems that some of you are liking this change. I have always thought that she was interesting because she was not like Spock. I have no idea where the writers are taking this, but hopefully it will be somewhere good. I thought the acting was phenomenal in this episode, however, as was pointed out earlier, Archer and Emory seemed a little distant for their supposed prior relations. And as for Trip, he gets the burnt end of the stick everytime! Glad to see him stand up to Archer's lack of rationality. Archer has changed and is much more spontaneous and less thoughtfull with some of his actions this season. I like it!
  5. Ah yes, while I'm here. Don't you find it amusing how someone gives a critical review of the show yet still seems to watch it every week. It's like a paradoxical love-hate relationship.
  6. And what's bad about that?
  7. ALL OF THEM.... Now that wasn't a hard question
  8. Wow....I've been waiting for this Friday for a long time!!!! Its great to be back onboard at and I look forward to our usual interesting debates about episodes
  9. Personally speaking, I look forward to seasons 5, 6, and 7. No matter what network it is broadcast on
  10. I just finished watching both episodes. I really love "Anomaly." The whole introduction to the spheres was fantastic. But what I love most is the desperation of Archer. Specifically, how he shrugs off Trip in engineering and then how he deals with the Ossarian in the airlock. In the end, where Archer is viewing the Xindi database (with the lights pulsing over his face) is one of the most thrilling scenes to come out of the arc. I think it will be good to watch the entire season again.
  11. Perhaps you didn't watch seasons 2 and 3, because they were progressively better than season 1.
  12. I'll give this episode a 9.5.... I'm disappointed it didn't get a 10. Click for Spoiler: After riding with this arc the full fledged 26 or so episodes. Bottom line: Even though the arc itself was really long.....THE VERY END SEEMED RUSHED. If they could have just made the finale two hours long... delayed the destruction of the weapon a little longer (it seemed rushed in this last episode). However the scenes themselves were really good. Speaking of the ending, we didn't even get to see Shran after the weapon was destroyed!?!?! What happened to him? What did he have to say about Archer? If Enterprise had traveled back in time....wouldn't the stars be out of place like we saw 3 episodes ago?? Surely Travis would have picked that up. And here is where I'll stop with the continuity rant because it does not good. I'll say this...if the writers had ended it on a non-cliffhanger note, I might have also been disappointed, because then it would have been like a Voyager returns to Earth type scenario. However, the ending was not final, reaffirming that Enterprise will continue on new missions. It was all a little strange, but of course I'll continue thinking that until next couple of episodes in the fall. Its was a rough transition, but a transition none the less. I'm glad Archer didn't just show up on Shran's ship at the end. That would have been a little bit too easy. And I'm also glad to see that no one important died. Somehow, I think Future Guy has something to do with this whole displacement matter (Daniels too). Bring on season 4!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. BlueCrystal Click for Spoiler: I was referring to the time period upon which the Nazis are derived...Anyways....It was never clarified that Archer is actually in San Francisco or that the planes shooting at the shuttlepod weren't American.
  14. Hmm...not sure what to think yet. I'll have to deliberate like the Aquatics. Click for Spoiler: The whole episode is kind of a blur....and I can't decide whether the ending seemed cheesy or it fits nicely. I mean come on....back to WWII? For reason...I found Daniels highly annoying in this ep. To be continued, my post will be.
  15. Oh how I love the irony of bashers.... Enterprise started off slow, but so did DS9 and TNG. I need not waste any more precious time trying to refute the narrow minded.