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  1. Recently finished "I AM Spock." Will be starting on "Star Trek: Prime Directive" next.
  2. Definatley one of the best. Personally my 3rd fav after "Mirror, Mirror"(#1) & "The Enemy Within"(#2).
  3. Sleep...or a tall latte. Hard decision to make.
  4. The Defiant was one awesome ship but actually my 2nd favorite. Even though it was only seen in one ep. of Voyager, I would have to put the Prometheus at the top. I mean, Multi-Vector Assault. C'mon, one ship that becomes three?! That would be a bit harder to overcome. How awesome is that?
  5. How about Adonis (or whatever Greek god name he had) from TOS. Or maybe Q...he could be foiled by the crew finding a way to make him totally, 100%..........human (perish the thought!).
  6. Maybe if we true fans of ENT had it on all the multiple TV's we have, we could've picked up the ratings enough. Hey...just got a great idea. Maybe the next Trek movie will be the ENT crew!
  7. I have to say FC at (a very close) #2...only after TWOK.
  8. jam
  9. Before I saw the new movie, I was worried about what was and would be happening to Trek. But, to my surprise and joy, it turned out really well (of course, I've always been a big fan of alternate timline stories)! So I would be open to seeing Kahn (just not too soon). I'd like to see what they would make they would handle the character because it would almost be like starting from scratch...
  10. I'd be willing to give up my comfy recliner for that!!!!!
  11. As complicated as that sounds, I hope the movie isn't hard to follow. Flipping back and forth between time periods would surely give me a headache. :jem'hadar:
  12. If the Enterprise is kept close to the way we all know and love, that will go a long way towards the success of the movie. After all, she is one of the main characters... Which still blows me away to this very day. :jem'hadar:
  13. Personally, the trailer didn't impress me much. It didn't do anything that would make me want to see the movie. I'm still not sure about it. Hopefully that will change before Christmas day.
  14. Here's my current desktop. I change it regularly
  15. "Faith Of The Heart" since the Sci-Fi channel is running an Enterprise marathon.