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  1. Not really, at least not consciously. Death (as experienced from the inside) is an event removed from life, I can't imagine what it will be like. Generally I either don't think about death or treat it as irrelevant.
  2. Well, I do believe in a Pantheistic Deity, which is generally defined as: Though I think that everyone has their own (fallible) interpretation of this God/Deity/Spirit/Force/Whatever, and that my personal view isn't any more valid then someone who, say, follows Islam. I don't believe in an afterlife -- which is not to say I don't believe that an afterlife is possible, merely that I see no reason to believe in one currently -- and while I do not believe in prayer for myself, I do think that it can be beneficial for some people and that it is therefore right for them.
  3. *tumbleweed drifts through*
  4. Ugh, was I really so full of it back then? *kicks younger self hard* I'd return it. [beat me to it Jack ]
  5. Good for him, no one should be made to feel ashamed or afraid to be true to themselves and to others about who they really are. I was surprised when I heard about this, but then I don't follow Hollywood news that much... Obviously, this has no bearing on his character on TOS.
  6. I'm not sure how useful these will be, since I think we're from different countries, but... The esure mouse » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « The Dolmio puppets (There's a whole family of them) » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « The Sun Maid » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « The Churchill Dog » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « The Post Office Ants » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « The Laughing Cow » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « That's all I can think of right now.
  7. I think the problem is that unless things went incredibly well, Star Trek would lose out by releasing any kind of Enterprise movie, especially at this time. A box office movie would be highly unlikely to attract anywhere near enough people to vindicate the series or make a profit. And a straight-to-TV movie... Well, I shudder to think about the state of the Star Trek legacy if it was reduced to puttering out TV movies; if this happened it would most assuredly be seized upon as further evidence of Trek's decline by the media. Right now, the Star Trek franchise cannot afford to be perceived to have made another huge and expensive flop. In any case, I'd have a hard time justifying an Enterprise movie by itself. The previous Trek movies, even though things became a little creaky towards the end of both series’ respective runs, were based on two series which were iconic and were hugely popular both within and without Trekdom. Enterprise simply doesn't have anywhere near this kind of status. (This has nothing to do with quality; I don't think that DS9 or Voyager has it either) It sounds like a hunger for Star Trek is beginning to build up among some fans, it is incredibly important that this be allowed to grow and develop. When Enterprise launched there was no real hunger for new Trek, the market was simply bloated and saturated with other recent series and movies, and this hurt Enterprise badly. Right now Star Trek needs time to pause and take stock of things, the fans need time to pull their heads out of the sand, appreciate what we had and begin longing for new Trek, and people outside of the fan base need a respite to allow them to become interested in the potential of Star Trek again. Without this drive, this urge, this hunger; and the time to let it grow; any new major instalment to the legacy of Star Trek can only end in failure. Star Trek needs a reprieve, and so do we.
  8. Link I came across this article just now, and I couldn't help thinking what a fascinating concept Wabi Sabi seems to be. Though I barely know anymore about it then this interview holds, I feel it really does reflect a lot of what I believe in, particularly of late as I've taken it upon myself to explore and find my own path spiritually. It really is amazing how much beauty there is, all around us all the time, and how often I simply don't see it. Once I start looking however, I see uniqueness and astonishing beauty everywhere. Indeed, this view of mine is one of the foundations of my belief in Pantheism. Thoughts, comments?
  9. Heh, indeed they are. This really made my day, thanks wishfire.
  10. *bumpage goodness* My word, it actually appears that, contradicting logic and common sense, there are actually females online! And on no less! *runs for the hills* :( Oh and King, no one doubted it for a second. :(
  11. And in case anyone's still interested, here be a good overview of the whole 'Klingon Forehead Problem'.
  12. Ahhh, thank you. It just seemed a bit random. :(
  13. Huh? :( Anyhow, some of the major issues that plague me are: The state of my countires government. (Yuk!) Actually finding someone to sit next to at College - 'Tis trickier then it looks! :( My general lack of unfitness, I really need to get in better shape. General dread about the future. The erosion of the few civil liberties I have left, even MI5 is getting in on it! :) Getting people to understand me for a change. (Having a speech impediment and Dyslexia I'm screwed either way :() My novel-in-waiting, which stubbornly refuses to write itself. Wondering why no one in th' government seems to share any of my ideas, which would (of course) make this foggy island a much better place to live. Last but not least... Politicians in general. Animal cruelty is an interesting topic; will this documentary be about animal cruelty in general or just select areas? (Such as people's reaction to it) Will it have a neutral tone, or try to promote one particular view? If you don't mind the questions... (Bah, I should read more carefully. It looks like you already answered both questions in the linked thread :()
  14. Click for Spoiler: It's a small thing, but don't forget that DS9 served as the headquarters for the combined allied Ninth Fleet, and was a major repair and resupply depot. There was always a large military presence surrounding it, making it unlikely that any Dominion ships would risk trying to get past an entire fleet and a heavily armed space station.
  15. jkmu09t5rfd9ifgvhngbre4swtr5edkiliojn Erm... I think I'm too fat for this game...