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  1. happy birthday dark reality! :D

  2. As planned, I finished it last night. I kind of feel let down. I'm not sure it should have gotten three more seasons. I mean, "These Are the Voyages..." pretty much killed it. Six years later? Troi and Riker fast-forwarding through the events of the episode on the Holodeck? The whole episode about a speech we never hear? That last bit really annoyed me. Troi even said she had to memorize the speech as a child. And we don't even get to hear it? What gives with that? If "These Are the Voyages..." wasn't done, yes, I could see it going on another 2-3 years, but it needed more plot. It needed another arc like the Xindi plot. It needed more character development. More Trip+T'Pol, more on the reliance between Archer and T'Pol, maybe a little strife between Archer and Trip, more Trip+Reed friendship moments, more Mayweather/Cargo ship stuff. Maybe a little less Shran/Andorians (though the Andorian kid was cute until she called Archer "pinkskin" - isn't that almost a slur?), maybe, I dunno. It seemed like Season 4 rushed to end it. Overall I feel Enterprise is vastly inferior to TNG, DS9, and even Voyager, primarily because it lacks a single great episode to the tune of "The Inner Light," "In the Pale Moonlight", or "Blink of an Eye", to pick my favorite from each series. ENT had some good moments. "North Star", "Similitude", and "Congenitor" stand out in my mind, but there are others, too - that little cluster of episodes represents some of the best ENT's done. But they fall short of the first three I named from the other series. Still, I'm glad I watched it. I gave "Broken Bow" two chances before sitting down and watching the whole thing. I'm glad I went back that third time and gave it another chance, and I'm glad I saw it, and I think my opinion of Trek in general is better and better-rounded for having experienced ENT, but judging it against the other three recent series, I didn't like it as much. I still recommend it, though - it's at least as good as average Trek anywhere.
  3. So far Season 4 isn't impressing me much. Yep, I've rolled through Season 4, episode 5 last night. Xindi and TCW storylines done. Damn, I was hoping there'd be more to the TCW; overall it was kinda disappointing until the Xindi were involved. Storm Front was kind of a mediocre 2-parter, I thought. I was only slightly amused at the alternate timeline with the Nazis in North America assisted by an alien race we hadn't seen before. The ending was kinda epic (the alien's loss as well as Trip's surprise). The augments storyline didn't impress me despite seeing Brent Spiner as a bad guy and a cameo from WWE's Big Show. Seriously, seeing Show's name in the special guest stars section is most of what kept me paying attention. Then again, I was on some pretty heavy cough syrup I won't be bringing back to work... I was under the impression I was supposed to take it literally every 4 hours. Something in it called codeine, about knocked me out. So I'm gonna leave that stuff alone and just stick to the cough drops. I don't know if it's good news or bad news, but on an 8 hour shift, I can watch 7 episodes, and on a 12 hour shift, I can watch 12 or more. At that rate, I'll watch 7 episodes tonight (no reason not to) and then I'll finish it on my long shift Sunday night. I just can't believe it's over already - I do, now, wish they had gotten all seven seasons. After this, I don't know. It's going to be a toss-up between Twin Peaks and Babylon 5. A David Lynch helmed drama about a murder in the mountains, or a Deep Space Nine knockoff that gets more credit than one would think it deserves. Well, Twin Peaks is only 2 seasons, and 30 or so episodes at that, so that plus the movie, it's all pretty short, compared with B5's 5 or 6 seasons and multiple movies.
  4. Six days and I've watched a whole season plus an episode? Wow, I'm really burning through them. I suppose in a week I should expect to be near about finished. Hell, last night, I watched thirteen episodes. 13! Well, I do work in a scale house at a lumber mill. On Sunday night, no trucks run for the first 8 hours of my shift. The next 4... it depends. I had one, maybe two trucks over the next four hours. I'm required to stay in or very close to the scale house, and they have a DVD player in there... so you do the math. I'm over halfway through Season 3 now. Some good episodes. Some really good stuff. North Star, Similitude, Carpenter Street, and Stratagem, all four watched last night, four of the best I've seen. Having recently seen what's often hailed as the best western ever, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" it was kinda neat to see Star Trek use an Old West setting. Similitude... We've seen this before with Tuvix (Voyager) and I want to say there was another similar episode. Carpenter Street - episodes where they go "back" to modern times have been cool since City on the Edge of Forever (TOS). Archer and T'Pol in that Dodge Ram truck was priceless. And Stratagem - they made the Xindi a little too weak with that memory exploit, but it's still cool how this episode was pulled off. Episodes with constant deception around every corner work real well for the most part. Going back to nights past, The Expanse started out good... anything that starts with that level of mass destruction has to be good. First Flight - good episode all around, just made awesome when Trip puts that Vulcan ambassador (I keep forgetting his name) in his place. Basically the Vulcan tells Archer that the direction of the mission isn't up to him, when Trip steps up and says something like "Well it ain't up to you either, so how about you just shut up?" He could have thrown a remark in there about the ears (add "Pointy" to it) but I guess that would be racist (not unlike the Andorians calling humans "Pinkskin"). All in all, good, and it makes me want to keep watching, but it's still not as great, as far as great episodes go. So far the best I've seen, as far as overall impact, would have to be "Chosen Realm." It starts out basic enough, aliens taking over the ship, but the suicide bombing makes direct references to current events in the Middle East, not to mention the religious fanaticism. It's mostly an average to above-average episode, but the ending speech just "makes" the whole thing. "Your faith was going to bring peace. Here it is." Coupled with the music and the scenery and what was said and happened before, it's one of the most effective endings all around. I don't think it's as effective as Ben Sisko saying "Delete that entire log entry" or even the future end of The Visitor, but it's still pretty strong. I just hope I haven't seen the best and more greatness is to come. //edit: Last episode watched was 3x15 "Harbinger" (since the sig gets updated - this won't).
  5. Sorry that it's been some days. My wife and I have divided our efforts to watch Enterprise. At one point we had enough nights together to watch WWE's two better shows in our opinion (RAW and SmackDown), TNA iMPACT, and Enterprise. Now we only have 2 nights a week together *but* I can watch TV at work, and they have a DVD player. So we both made our choices - my wife chose wrestling over ENT and I now watch it at work. Sunday night I watched TEN episodes. I just trucked through them. I don't believe I diminished the experience any, and it never got old. I finished off Season 1 and got well into Season 2. I watched five tonight, and I'm up to 2x14 "Stigma". I've seen a lot of good episodes. "Dawn" was a blatant ripoff of "Enemy Mine" (old sci-fi film about a man and an alien who are from races who are bitter enemies, but the two work together to survive and become friends) but I actually think the Trek episode did alright. I wonder if any other episodes play off of movies like that. I know the episode "Shuttlepod One" has been done a dozen times in Trek. I probably most recently previously saw the "stranded in deep space" gimmick between Paris and Torres on Voyager, though maybe more recently. And "Dead Stop" reminded me of the game "Portal", in which you follow strange instructions in a polished-clean lab-type setting, only to find out the computer guiding you isn't your friend and tries to kill you, so you escape into the back areas and hunt her down, and destroy her. Basically what happens in this episode. I saw that thing repairing itself at the end - was that just a clever ending or does the killer automated repair station make a comeback? I have cheated and looked ahead a bit, but not too much. I have looked at the end of the last episode, the beginning of "In a Mirror Darkly" and the recap at the beginning of Season 3. That rift cut into Florida was gnarly - maybe too much of a spoiler, but I can't say I didn't ask for it. Oh yeah - Archer having a dog reminds me of Gene Hackman on Crimson Tide. Remember, he had a small dog as well.
  6. Anyone here play this game, or at least Guitar Hero? In case you've been living under a **** rock for the past few years, MTV and Harmonix made a PlayStation 2 game called Guitar Hero where you press colored buttons on a toy guitar while flipping a paddle where you'd strum in sync with colored "notes" on the screen. They released one sequel, this time also on the Xbox 360, and then handed the project off to Activision, who released a second sequel (this one also made it to the Nintendo Wii), but MTV and Harmonix went on to make Rock Band, which adds a second guitar (the bassist), a drum set, and a microphone. The drums are also like a toy, but are a little more authentic than the guitar (well, a 4 piece electronic drum kit is about what it is) and a mic's a mic. The drum play is about the same as with the guitar, but the mic measures your tone and pitch as you sing and compares it to the chart, which draws lines showing how you should sing, and not just the words, but the syllables as well. Anyway, I got my wife an Xbox 360 for her birthday and Rock Band a month or two later, and she loves it. Me... well, I kinda suck at it. I play songs on bass (which is much easier than regular guitar) on Medium (the second of four difficulties). Where my wife can sing on Expert, play Guitar on Hard, and play drums on Hard. But I dig it just the same. It's a great idea. And every week, Harmonix release new songs for it, which cost about $2 apiece. I think we have over 40 of them now, which means we've spent more than a brand-new 360 game on tracks for Rock Band - but we have some pretty good songs, too. If anyone has an Xbox 360 and Rock Band and wants to play, our gamertags are "Dark Reality X" and "Silent Jo82", in both cases, sans quotes. We play after midnight Eastern time (after 9pm Pacific) and we'll play co-op or duel matches. My wife will give you a run for your money, but playing me will only boost your ego, heh heh. But neither of us quit/disconnect when we're falling behind or anything like that.
  7. Did it really need the last three seasons, though? That's what I always wondered. TOS only got what, two or three seasons? And I've never heard anyone complain about it getting cut short. I know why Enterprise got cut short. Next Generation was great, and DS9 was just as good - some (like myself) say it was better, but it started during the 5th or 6th season of TNG, so it had that overlap. And Voyager was good, but it started right when TNG ended. So here's this train wreck of good shows. They should have ignored fan demand and given Trek a break between TNG and DS9. At least a year or two. Release Generations a year later, and then a year after that, DS9. DS9 runs from 1995-2002, and then give a couple years, and Voyager runs 2004-2011 - we'd still be watching it. They could have given DS9 and Voyager the exclusivity they deserved, and after 2 years of no Trek after Voyager, I think Enterprise could have been more successful. But you know what they say about hindsight and all that. We've seen five episodes so far. We've been maintaining a pattern of 2 a night, but it hasn't been every night. First and foremost we watch WWE programming. Laugh if you like, but it's entertaining (it's damn entertaining - sorry, couldn't help myself) and I'm addicted. Besides, I think we kinda rushed DS9 and Voyager, and I don't want to rush ENT. I think we'll go through DS9 again, at some point in the future, and take our time with it. Maybe TNG. We did Season 1, so anything's possible (as it only got better after Riker grew a beard). But, ENT... Fight or Flight. Strange New World. The Unexpected. Terra Nova. Some good stuff here, nothing really great though. I'm glad I put a day or two between Strange New World and Terra Nova because both of these episodes center around cave action, and in my mind right now it's hard to separate them, even though they're about vastly different things. I think a colony on the planet in Strange New World would be interesting to watch. They get these storms that shake up this psychotropic pollen. Seeing everyone high and paranoid would usually be funny, but it worked for ENT with the Human/Vulcan hostility, which I'm beginning to like more and more as far as the plot points they can make with it. Nothing we haven't seen before but nothing bad yet. Well, we gotta finish watching last night's Friday Night SmackDown... then we're gonna play some Rock Band... I freakin' love AND hate that game... but I think we'll watch 2 more episodes tonight, if the Mrs. can stay awake (she's been up all day; me, just since 5pm). Has it really been that long? Yes, we were married on 7-7-06 and we've been going strong for a little over 2 years. Thanks!
  8. Well, my wife and I just watched "Broken Bow". Anyone who remembers me from 2 years back (if anyone) might remember I never had anything nice to say about ENT. I feel like such a fool now. The first time I tried to watch Broken Bow, I got as far as Archer and T'Pol arguing about the mission in the engine room and gave up on it. Then, I watched it until the aliens took the Klingon and gave up. I'd always meant to give it another chance but always assumed it wouldn't ever get any better. Well, it did, and not too long after I gave up on it the last couple times. Now I'm all psyched to get through the series. We finished watching it over an hour ago, and I thought she'd go to bed but she's been on her 360 ever since playing this Arcade game. We could have gotten another episode in... I guess it'll have to wait until Saturday night (at the earliest). Hope it's not too long.
  9. Just as it sounds. Have you ever made someone a Trekkie? Your kids, parents, significant other, friends, or anyone else? I got my wife hooked - she knew I was a big fan, so we started with the movies. We watched the first six, then tried to watch TNG. We watched the first season and started on the second season. It was mostly me that got impatient - we watched the "best" TNG episodes, then the rest of the movies. We then watched DS9 all the way through, every episode (took about 4-5 months). Now we're on Voyager, and we just got into Season 4. Odd - she prefers DS9 over other series, but mostly because of Bashir (specifically Alexander Siddig). No, she likes most if not all of the characters, and spotted Aaron Eisenberg (sp? - guy who plays Nog) right away on his cameo in Voyager. She's pointed out Grand Nagus Zek (forget his real name) on a couple non-Trek shows/films on TV. I prefer Voyager's characters (not just because I like Torres...), I wonder where she'll stand when Voyager is done? But then, DS9 has the greater overall impact, feeling something important's done. Voyager - meh, they got home (read: Janeway didn't blow up or run away from the ninth or tenth thing that could have gotten them home).
  10. The last episode my wife and I watched is my absolute least favourite Trek episode, Voyager's "Real Life" - because it's also IMO the saddest Trek episode ever. I can't get the ending out of my mind - I cannot say for certain if I were the Doc and that were a real situation, I wouldn't take my own life. That was beyond messed up and wrong. So I've been thinking about it. I thought that if I were the Doc, I'd be seriously ticked off at Torres because she altered his program and IMO did his experience a lot more harm than good. You do not have to lose a child to "get the full experience" of parenting. Then I remembered just a few episodes back, in "Darkling", Holodoc (while under the influence of psychotic personalities erroneously added to his matrix) paralyzes Torres from the neck down, tells her that humanoids pass out at a certain level of pain, but threatens to suppress that reaction and put her in unimagineable pain (as he's portrayed as doing to someone else in one of my favourite Voyager episodes, a couple seasons later). He doesn't do it, but he does put the thought in my mind. My theory is that Torres exacted revenge on him by setting up his virtual daughter to die in what has to be the absolutely saddest scene in any Trek (unless you're a big TOS fan and you're thinking of Spock's death at the end of TWOK - which IMO fails because we all know he comes back in TSFS). And I have good arguments for every counterpoint I can think of. First, 24th century Humanoids (especially those in the Federation) aren't prone to revenge. They're too good for that. Torres is half-Klingon, so this argument just about fails. But further, Torres has a very rocky past, distaste for Starfleet and was a Maquis officer. Revenge is a part of Klingon culture (albeit very structured and ritualistic). Didn't her father leave or something? He was Human (and probably in Starfleet, because her mother wasn't) as well. The Doc is modeled after a male Human and represents Starfleet in uniform and rank. Revenge is practiced in the Maquis, and if that isn't canon, it's a very safe assumption. Further, Starfleet kicked her out. She's cool with the Starfleet crew on Voyager, but that doesn't mean she's made nice with the ones in the Alpha Quadrant and probably still hates a lot of them, those who have fought her and the Maquis. Second, while Torres did know that the Doc was under the influence, she also should clearly remember Doc trying to expand on his personality and almost having to be virtually lobotomised, but was saved at the end by merging his matrix with his diagnostic program (also modeled after Zimmerman). Now he's at it again, so he can easily be blamed for messing things up for tampering with it again. Third, she's the one who tampered with his family program. I made sure, while watching this, to make specific note of this. I thought I would need it later and it came in handy. Kes agreed the program needed work, but Torres was the one who did it, on her own and without Kes' input, or the Doc's. She just took the idea and ran with it. She said she put random elements in. BEST case scenario, she didn't add any parameters. Such as, "give the Doc the family from Hell, but none of them die". She could have even set up a few scenarios and let the computer pick one (others may have including the mom dying, a pet dying, the son getting arrested set up by his friends, or any number of other strong issues Doc would have to deal with). But I think it's plausible that she planned it. But why? First time the Doc tries to expand his personality, something goes wrong. The second time he does it, he almost tortures her under its influence. She has good reason to want the Doc to not pursue any more customisations. Especially if she's read up on some of Data's mishaps on the Enterprise-D. Or the holodecks'. Who knows. Maybe that episode just really bothered me. I've always wanted to have kids, at least 2 girls. So maybe I'm just so angry at what the Doc had to go through that I want to blame someone, and Torres is a good and likely target. But hey - at the very least she owed him an apology for what happened, but they never speak of it again. That's real dodgy. Your thoughts? Memory Alpha: Darkling Memory Alpha: Real Life
  11. I read this on another forum, and had to share. Now, there's about 3-4 forums I could possibly post this in, so I'll leave it to the mods' discretion where this ends up. Anyway... Q: What's the new subtitle for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock? A: Finding Nimoy So simple, yet I cannot stop laughing.
  12. Well, for those of you who want more Voyager, I suggest the continuation novels "Homecoming" and "The Farther Shore". I just read them, they're pretty good. I recommend them to Voyager fans, at least. I would sell them, but my wife and I are watching Voyager, and she's going to want to read them when I'm done. I wrote a sort of review about them. Hopefully after Trek 11 fails they consider a DS9 or Voyager movie, but it's unlikely.
  13. So, I read the Voyager continuation books "Homecoming" and "The Farther Shore". I had been dying to know what happens after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant, but I'd never seen the books in the store. I ended up getting them off Amazon, relieving someone else of their dusty old copies. All in all the two books were pretty good (they together constitute one story). As you may know from reading the information on Amazon or other places, the crew return to Earth to find a Borg virus and a Holocharacter rebellion, and both are blamed on Voyager. Some of the characters have individual pursuits while others work together. Warning! Spoilers follow! First of all, the story starts with a disturbing child-abuse scenario, and hints of this side plot continue through the first book. The victim is not identified until the middle of the second book, and though it does help to establish the climax of the story, it seemed a little excessive. AFAIK that's one thing that hasn't really been explored much in Star Trek: this would not have landed a PG rating as a movie. Torres' plot was a little too Klingon, her going to a sacred Klingon world and going on a dangerous kind of vision quest, abandoning her child and Paris to find her mother. This plot wraps up the events in the Barge of the Dead episode, but seemed a little out of character. I read the Doctor as just about spot-on. Another "holo-revolutionary" introduced is much more extreme in pursuing holographic rights, and some of the things he does are pretty disturbing as well. I was disapppointed that nothing ever became of him by the end, or someone he converted to his way of thinking. He just sort of seemed to fade out. Then there was Kim. We find out that his girlfriend (the one he'd been holding out for) is still single, but a spy for Starfleet Intelligence. Unfortunately, by the end of the stories, they haven't talked to each other, he still doesn't know who she really is, and I held that against the story a little. Like a couple of the movies, we have a corrupt Admiral, but he's not as corrupt as the others - and he may be just misguided more so than genuinely malacious. The way Starfleet treats Seven, Icheb (who has more of a part than he really deserves, I thought), and the Doctor made me feel that maybe Starfleet isn't as "good" as we're led to believe. And maybe that's the author's purpose, to show that Starfleet has faults and isn't perfect. But I wasn't a big fan of theirs in this book, and that was somewhat uncomfortable for a Trekkie. Spoilers end here. All in all, I would recommend the book for Voyager fans, possibly for Trek fans in general who would like better closure to the series. And I think this story would make a better "Trek 11" than this prequel garbage I'm hearing about. The only roadblock would be establishing the end of Voyager or a summary of Voyager being lost in the Delta Quadrant - and Paramount settling for a PG-13 rating.
  14. I'm sure TOS and TNG were, for the most part, written weekly with no real goal for the end of the series. It sure feels that way. But with DS9, did they plan on having the Dominion War, do you think? The story was so detailed, so intricate, they had to have a plan, but how far in advance did it go? I don't think Voyager had a plan - it really felt wrapped up at the end, and there wasn't a continuing theme to maintain, other than the struggle to stay alive and to find a way home, which they could have wrapped up any time.
  15. Voyager didn't change uniforms because it wouldn't have made sense, not to differentiate it from Deep Space Nine. When the uniforms changed on DS9, they changed throughout Starfleet with a few exceptions (admirals hung onto the old uniforms a while longer). The reason Voyager didn't change uniforms is because they literally didn't get the memo... being out in the Delta Quadrant. When they finally did get to contact Starfleet, replicating a half-dozen sets of uniforms (or even one each) for each crew person would have been a waste of resources. Back to the original topic... I always thought the TOS uniforms were cheesy. What I never understood was the difference between the uniforms which had colour on the shoulders with a black torso, and the uniforms with black shoulders and the colour on the torso. I think I prefer the former. The DS9 uniforms (grey shoulders, black torso, coloured collar) are kind of cool.