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  1. I usually don't get to watch much Star Trek, but friday evidently, Sci-fi was playing a marathon and I was able to see this episode for the first time ever. Trek sure had a way of being weird, and this episode is a prime example. I mean a planet that is really an "Amusment Park" (I loved how they decided to actually take the literal meaning of amusment) and seeing something like alice and the white rabbit was just odd but enjoyable. Shore Leave was also funny because of the conflict between Kirk and his acadamy rival. Like I said, the episode was weird, but fun. What are your thoughts on this episode.
  2. I'm talking about the big space battles, and not the small ones like the Oddessy in "The Jem'Hadar" My favorite was The Way of the Warrior. With all due respect to Die is Cast, that space battle was really short and we didn't see much of it. In WOTW, we saw DS9's new artillery, hand to hand with the Klingons, and a Torpedo launch from the Torpedo's point of view. That was a cool shot. Sacrifice of Angels (The Poem before the battle, the Galaxies coverging on a cardie ship, and the Klingons coming from the sun) would be my second favorite.
  3. Was Jadzia intended to be kind of like a riker character on DS9 in terms of personality? There seems to be so many similarities between the 2 such as how they were in the first season. I was watching "Battle Lines" last night and after watching season 2, Season 1 dax seems so stale and flat and boring...kind of like how Will Riker was in the first season. However, when the second season rolled around, her personality took a 180 degree turn and it was great to see. Also, not only in personlity, but they both seem to be the guy/gal who always gets the significant other. I mean women were all over riker (I heard that he was supposed to be a Kirk like character) and the same could be said with Dax. Its going to be fun watching her development again because she is a great character and Farrel did a great job. Sucks she left though.
  4. Are you one of those folks who feels comfortable shareing the fact you like trek among your friends despite the stareotype, or are you one of those who likes to keep it to yourself because you feel kind of embarrassed if others find out you like trek? Yesterday, I was told at school that I was a very independent person, and then when I came home, I read a great article about the authors confessions of being a closet trekkie. I started to wonder if my indepency was due to my liking of Star Trek because I was afraid people would make fun of me if I even mentioned it. The worst thing about it is I feel more comfortable being independent than being dependent and that isn't good. I do love to socialize and have a ton of friends, but I do feel more independent. I probably will never fathom why we are so stareotyped as fans of a TV show, when we are normal people who like to ski/snowboard, play sports, or read, or whatever.
  5. Last night, I saw an episode I wanted to see my entire life, The Doomsday Machine. Even for the 60's, I can't believe how great this episode was. There were so many stories going on, Decker taking command of the Enterprise for a suicide Mission, Spock being very much in character and calm like he always is (I think this episode and Mirror Mirror showed Spock at his best) and Kirk and Scotty having to pilot the constellation. This is probably one of the best dramas, (With the best scores) I have seen in any trek series. I also liked how socially relevent it was. I mean today we talk about Weapons of Mass Destruction and using "doomsday machines" to defeat our enemies, much like the H-Bomb. Here we see the crew having to use a weapon of mass destruction to defeat another WMD. It's kind of scary what would happen if we faced a doomsday machine in today's life.
  6. I just started coming back posting on this forum and most of the topics in here have been about how depressed and how dark DS9 was. Yeah, it was more grittier and there was a war, and it does seem darker than the other series, but as series itself, it wasn't dark at all. For one, look at the atmosphere on the Station. You walk down the promenade (The most beautiful set every created IMO) and you see red, yellow, green, orenge and so many other different colors. Than you see Ops and the greenish/grayish look. Hell, the Station didn't look dark, it looked beautiful, which is ironic because it was supposed to be, as sisko put's it "a monstracaty." Than there is the epsiodes themselves, and how many outright comedies there were. I mean the ferengi episodes: Little Green Men, The Nagus, The Magnificent Ferengi were all LOL funny. Than you had some other fun episodes like Trials and Tribble-ations, The House of Quark, Looking for Par'Mach In All The Wrong Places etc. Heck, there were some serious episodes that had some fun moments. In The Cards is one example, as I look at that as the ultimate feel good episode in drama. I mean the war is coming, everything is looking so doom and gloom, so Jake and Nog, in trying to get a baseball card to Ben, cheers up the entire station. Ben's log at the end of the episode showed how light DS9 can get (If anyone has the exact wording, please post it because it is darn good). Then there are many moments that were fun. One moment was in The Siege with Kira and Dax and the "Fly by the seat of your pants" dialouge. That was great. What other moments showed a lighter side of DS9. They can be episodes, or scenes, or just subjective moments. We really need some positiveity in this forum. :)
  7. I watched this episode last night, and I was confused about what happened with the ending. So this women has been taking this drug to get beautiful as part of a prostitution fruad and I understood that. But she turned beautiful by taking a fake drug and the reasoning was if you think you are beautiful, than you must be. Am I on the right track here. She was ugly but she wasn't ugly? As for the episode itself, I didn't like the theme of Prostitution and having women as property (Which was basically mentioned throughout) but I did like Mudd himself. I thought this is the worst episode I have seen so far this season.
  8. I heard this song last week on Sirius. I was really surprised, given what they are "known" for. They keep on coming up with great music it almost makes me want to buy another one of thier CDs.
  9. Everyone might not know me, but I'll do it. Thanks for running the trivia and I hope to remember. B)
  10. I don't frequent this forum very much, but after watching Enterprise season 4 the last 5 weeks, I just couldn't resist writing this. Last season, I decided not to watch it since I didn't really think the series was worth it because of seasons 2 and 3. Also, there are the gushers out there who always say, if you don't like it, don't watch it and I heeded thier advise. However, over the course of the season, I was hearing how much of an improvment it was and how much it really returned to being what we all know and love as a Star Trek series and I started regreting that descision. I decided given the fact that I love the mirror universe to start watching season 4 from In the Mirror, Darkly to the end, and I was starting to see that Enterprise did indeed improve. Hell, I'm one of the minority on this board who acutally thought TATV was just average, since it was pretty much dead on arrival given who wrote it. I couldn't believe the backlash against this episode, but given the fights between fans in this forum, that was another reason why I didn't come in here. Anyway, I decided to watch season 4 finally and was glad when the Syndication schedule came out that most of the episodes were season 4. Before syndication had started, I watched from ITM,D to the end, Home, and Deadulus and was really excited when episodes like the Arik Soong arc and The vulcan trilogy (Which I was most looking foward to) were going to air. The soong arc was good, but in the interest of not rambeling, since I've probably already done that , I want to talk about the Vulcan trilogy and syndication as a whole. I can't believe this is the same show who brought us the bad season 2, and the depressing anti-startrek Season 3. Based on the two episodes I've seen, The Forge and Awakening, this is exactly what I had wished Enterprise would have done at the beginning. The Forge was a classic episode that had so much emotion, chemistry, and the best of all, a sense of awe and wonder. It was so cool seeing references to Star Trek, with the IDIC pin, the Katra, The Selaht, and just single handedly, while making a whole hell alot of sense, making the Vulcans interesting and cool again. It was so sad seeing Forrest killed, but it was so cool having some respect for Soval and really starting to understand him. If there is one character I hated, it was he, but not anymore. He is one cool dude now. Last night was part two, and while not as deep and really cool like The Forge was, it was still a damn good episode, and so far this arc is reminding me a lot of DS9's circle trilogy, which is a great thing since I think that trilogy is really underrated and set the stage for a kick *buttocks* season 2. Anyway, back to Awakening. I loved seeing the Pal-tor-Fan ritual being done, and I'm loving the complexity of the Syrinittes. I'm almost rooting for them, even though they are said to be a cult. They are the vulcans I know and love, so why not. I've been seeing some posts saying that T'pol should be carrying the Katra, and while I do agree with it, I think I understand why Archer is. He is someone who has hated the vulcans pretty much his whole life. If Surak, who pretty knows archer now, makes him believe, It will be him, the hater, responsible for bring the whole culture back to the right path. It seems apporpriate and makes a heck of alot of sense if you think about it. Oh, and the scene when they were talking about Val'les making a preemptive strike on Andoria, and Trip ordering a course to that planet, I got up and cheered out loud. I've always wanted to go to Andoria, and it was a missed opportunity for the original series to go there, even though I understand thier reasons. I'm sorry for this long post, (This is probably the longest post I've ever written on this board) but watching this show the last few weeks has got my psyched at what is to come. I want to say one more thing about the whole Syndication overall. The experiance is making me really nolstalgic for when I watched TNG and DS9 growing up with my family (More for TNG). You would have some great music with the logo before going to break, and then you would be treated to some great previews for next weeks show. I was always excited when the preview for the next show came on the screen. The show wasn't over until the next week's trailer came and they were damn good trailers every week. I get that same feeling with Enterprise in syndication. It's been at least 6 years since I felt this way, and thats one of the reasons why I'm so excited. Star Trek Enterprise just got cool again, and I can't wait till next week.
  11. 4 I saw this episode for the second time last night, and it was as good, if not better than the first time. It was an interesting story, and it was neat seeing our heros in the recreation of the OK corral. In fact, I think the best part of the episode was the setting and how alien everything looked even though it was supposed to be a recreation. Spock's science explination was a bit confusing, but other than that, it was a cool episode.
  12. There is additional conversation about the Vulcan Trilogy in the subforum above rating Enterprise episodes. I know, but I did it here in the interest of the discussion. Am I not allowed to talk about the episodes in the main forum?
  13. This episode is pretty underrated in my opinion. It was great to see Data take on a leadership role for the first time, and I really liked his friend. I think the best part of the story those was what was happening with the Shiliak and the Enterprise. It was a shame we didn't see more of the Shiliak corporate because they really were interesting and really alien. I loved the scene where Picard is trying to negotiate with the corporate and he turns the tables on 'em. Riker: You enjoyed that Picard: You're damned right.
  14. In tribute to Mike Piller, I watched this episode this last week and gained a new found respect for it. While it isn't the best premiere episode, it has moments that make it memorable. I think my favorite moment though, which I ended up getting a bit emotional, was when Stubbs and Wes was in the launch bay comparing the situation they were in with Baseball. I also loved the scene when Stubbs was in the quarters going over a season in his mind. I knew that these both scenes were Mr. Piller's ideas and it was a great touch. It was also great to see a peaceful resolution and a creation of a new culture. 4
  15. I enjoyed this movie. I really want to see the series now, and it looks like the first episode of Firefly will be airing next week on Sci-fi. I'm actually looking foward to it.
  16. Enjoy. They are both really good episodes, and a good start to the series IMO. BTW trek_dude, I didn't know you posted here. It's me, tomalak301 from trekbbs.
  17. So Far Favorites: Borderland Vox Sola The Forge Awakening Demons/Terra Prime Least: Bounty Chosen Realm A Night In Sickbay Acquisitoin Harbinger
  18. I own the entire series.
  19. I'm a christain and I'm glad he's happy. I don't like that lifestyle, but I respect it, and tolorate it.
  20. ^It's a kind of advanced math, dealing more with Analytic Geometry and Trig.
  21. I wouldn't call it the Best Show Ever. They pretty much IMO had only one consistantly great season.
  22. I said yesterday that I didn't know Piller was ill, but I decided to watch some of the special features for Insurrection Collectors Edition and it was just unreal to see him like he was. He wasn't like the guy who did the candid interviews for TNG, DS9, and Voyager. It almost reminded me of when Jimmy Doohan did a feature on the third season set of Star Trek. It still doesn't take the shock away, and dying of cancer at such a young age too. I really wish we found a cure to cancer. I know they're working on Aids research, but it seems like Cancer is much more leathal than AID's is at this time.
  23. Cool. I am still running on Cable modem, and love it.
  24. I used to be good at this stuff. Unfortunatly that was like 4 years ago, but I am planning to take a calculus class in the spring which will hopefully have this all come back to me.
  25. Voyager was at it's best from Season 2 and the Kazon arc to the end of Season 5.