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  1. I had to go with Scotty in ST:IV.
  2. I just now saw this thread. Sorry your burnt out on trivia. I couldn't answer questions last week because of RL problems. I'm just as happy to answer 8 questions a week if that makes it easier on you. Real life is more important anyway. Take care of yourself and thanks for providing some entertainment every week.
  3. Atheist.
  4. I'm excited, finally something to watch on TV. I wonder who is coming back too, hopefully not someone I couldn't stand. I have the TIVO set, hope it doesn't mess up, husband is going into surgery today, so I will still be at the hospital tomorrow night.
  5. I've never seen this post before or I would have voted sooner. I voted for the first one, but I really like the last 4 posted those are really good.
  6. Cute Captain James T. Kirk Charasmatic tatical leader/ egotistical womanizer. Your arrogant cowboy mentality is forgiven because of your deep concern for those close to you. Your middle name is Tiberius.
  7. Mad Anne Vane Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You tend to blend into the background occaisionally, but that's okay, because it's much easier to sneak up on people and disembowel them that way. Arr
  8. Enjoy your break. Have fun in Vegas. :partytime:
  9. Sean Bean, Sean Bean, Sean Bean Viggo Mortenson Orlando Bloom Craig Parker David Wenham Karl Urban Hugo Weaving Mel Gibson Jude Law Tarik Ergin Robert Duncan McNeill and last but not least Kor37 (thought I'd save you the trouble), HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  10. Carrowinds has a borg roller coaster. I was there 5 years ago, never been on the borg coaster but everything else was fun.
  11. He's a hotty, but he has brown eyes. He only has blue eyes in the LOTR. See
  12. A sad day indeed. Rest in peace Jimmy.
  13. TOS: Spock TNG: Data Voy: Really can't pick, I love them all (OK well most, Neelix is questionable), I like Paris, Chakotay, and Janeway the most. DS9: Only watched a few eps.. so I'll pick Odo Ent: Trip Guest star: John DeLancie (sp?) as Q Overall favorite would have to be someone from Voyager so I can't pick.
  14. Here's mine. Click For Spoiler