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  1. they ordered in and the delivery guy on the phone said "if you don't recieve your order in the next 100 years its free"...
  2. Welcome to the esteemed society of Lieutenant Commanders. Congratulations!
  3. I loved this episode, though I am not sure how Bysty saw it on May 6 which was Tuesday, even though I live in Canada too
  4. Morn
  5. You missed M...... Ocampa
  6. Intrepid-class starship
  7. Leola Root
  8. The Great Link
  9. deflector dish
  10. Jem'Hadar
  11. Odo
  12. The new one has captured my praise. (wait that doesn't work...)
  13. Bajoran
  14. ok ok.... Andorian
  15. Hirogen