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  1. happy birthday trance-canada! :D

  2. I drive a classic '87 Turbo Dodge Omni, I've got a cd player in it, two 6.5's, two 6 by 9's, and a 15" subwoofer, it's just got a new paint job, a deep blue, with tinted blue windows, chrome fender trims, and the most comfortable seats you'll ever sit on, those are stock though
  3. I didn't see the selection for Other so I didn't choose it when it should have been my choice, it's my car, even though I've had it for almost 2 years now I've been spending a LOT on the sound system. I just recently got a JVC cd player that I have now hooked up to a 12 disc changer, and I've got 4 JVC speakers and 3 10" MTX subs, with a $500 amp. Also, in a little bit I'll be getting a paint job for it, a nice metalic blue, oh and did I mention that's all in an '87 Dodge Omni? Anyway, out of the list I chose cd's/music, I buy a whole bunch of blank cd's and keep spending on new music software, just so I can make my trance.
  4. Ok, like I said, I'm not really a fan of hockey, but I did watch the 7th game for the Canucks and I have to say, those Ref's are frickin' idiots. The only time they called penilties was on use, and there were plenty of worse off things to call on for Minnisota. I hardly ever watch hockey but it seems that every time I do the Refs seem to hate the Canucks.
  5. I'm sure my name speaks for itself, it's my artist name. Yes, I still had to come up with it originally, so here it goes. I was just starting and realized that my real name isn't really interesting so I starting thinking of names. A few friends of mine used the fact that I'm German and that my last name sounds similar to Hitler, so they started calling me Techno Adolf. I went with that and then decided that I'd call my first cd Trance Canada, but I thought "Wow man!!!! I like the sound of that and used it as my artist name. I got Trance-Canada because of the Trans Siberian Orchestra and I live really close to the Trans Canada highway and decide to change Trans to Trance. The - came because I was trying to figure out how to make a site at and came into problems I didn't know how to fix so I made a new site under Trance-Canada, and that's what I go by EVERYWHERE on the net, even eBay and every other forum I go to.
  6. I'm still quite young and don't have experience like this, but I have been hired as holidy help and not told, so I was kinda left high and dry. If I had anything else I'd use it right about now, but I'm affraid that I'm just a youngin'.
  7. true, I didn't look into it enough, for that point I didn't even think of the slip-stream, sorry. And I guess I forgot a lot about exactly what was goin' on in Andromada, haven't seen it for a while now. Again sorry.
  8. great job alterego Click for Spoiler: some day, I wanna be just like you :cool: J/K
  9. By that definition would you consider Andromada a spin-off from Star Trek, if you know the story then you'd understand how Capt. Hunt got to the future, but anyway before he was kept in suspended animation by that wierd thing his ship got stuck in the way everything was run was evadently bassed on Star Trek, meaning the same Primary Premise, hense Andromada being considered a spin-off, but it isn't. So please elaberate the definition.
  10. oh, wow, I now notice why South Park's second season isn't out yet, it's release date is June 3, 2003. ok, anywho, I loved family guy, but none of my family liked it so I never got to see it much, but now I'm on my own and it's off the air and I still can't watch it, meh. Futurama still kicks all buttocks and I have yet to have seen all episodes of it.
  11. I must say, I love the layout here, it really is a good place to go every now and then
  12. Well, I personally don't care who the author is, as long as it's Star Wars I'm happy, aspecially if it's more about Bounty Hunters or Smugglers.
  13. well I picked T'Pol, really because I didn't want to choose Spock couse I never really watched TOS, and as for the rest I only know Tuvok and T'Pol, so I picked the better looking one, T'Pol.
  14. I voted for The Doctor (VOY) also, I think it's really casue that's the only series I watched all the way through or something but meh. There was one thing that took my vote closer to Dr. Phlox though, and that would be how he smiled in the first episode, it was almost Grinch like.
  15. ok, I'm gunna try it again Click for Spoiler: did it work?