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  1. Thank you .Yeah, that's what my reservations are about. I'm sure the show itself will be fine, but nobody needs another TV related Bill. Lol
  2. Hey guys! Gotta say....I'm looking forward to this, to a degree.
  3. Last episode I saw was "The End of Time" Part I and It's driving me crazy!!
  4. All my dreams have finally come true!!!... :P :P B) :o
  5. It claims to have interviews on it, but I can't find them. I also got The History of The WWE Championship DVD set.
  6. Hey guys...or Kor, I got Undertaker 15-0 for Christmas. I just watched his match with HHH and at the end, they played his Ministry Theme. I'm guessing they didn't wanna pay the record label for the use of "Rollin'" on the DVD. Same thing with Flair's match.
  7. I took this from WWE's Royal Rumble Page. It's a close-up of the spinner belt on Orton's shoulder...look at the name. They must have taken that pic at the end of No Mercy before changing the plate.
  8. I believe that was Clarance Mason. Too bad they missed a few belts.
  9. Well, The Nation went through Several Members. Teddy Long?? There was also Clarance Mason, Kama (The Godfather, also Papa Shango back in the day) After the Rock took over, they got Owen Hart. When they first formed, I think Crush was in it...maybe even Savio Vega. And check out this pic I found.
  10. For myself and many others, the end of WCW marked the end of what made this Generation of Wrestling so great. But we did get WWF vs WCW/ECW out of it...that was fun to watch. The Ultimate Faction War. I didn't have Cable during the DX vs The Nation feud so I missed that whole thing.
  11. I don't know who they think they're "entertaining" with this Edge/Vickie Angle, but it has to stop!! I did like the Edge Heads too, though. Ya know something....WWE is long over do for another Faction War. Those were always the best times to watch.
  12. So Kor, did you also puke your guts out when the Edge/Vickie video package came up??
  13. I agree. This storyline is dumb. That's right Steph, I said it's dumb..cause it is. I'm a WWE fan I have ever right to say that. ***SPOILER*** Btw, Edge is once again the Champ! ***SPOILER***
  14. ^^^ So what did ya think of lastnight's RAW?? I loved it!! The Entire Show!! And that doesn't often happen.
  15. Man...Scott Hall needs to get his Sh!t together. As for tonight's RAW...I've heard rumors that they've changed some of the results of their Online Votes for RAW's best..matches and so forth.