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  1. You're banned for making me scroll up to see what I was counting for,
  2. 9874 Almost at 9999!
  3. I bought the Star Trek: The Next Generation COMPANION a few years ago. Privides history of the series to when it started off through each season and information on every episode of every season, in order. I love it. I'm reading bits of it as I watch episodes so I know what to expect. I miss so much with me being deaf [hard-of-hearing]
  4. My head pulsing because I've just gone and banged it on the kitchen cupboard right at the very top as hard as I posibly could, Nah I'm going to watch some more of the Bondi Rescue lifeguards so it will be their sexy voices
  5. sticky
  6. The silence. It's just warm and cosy in my room, I am sitting at my desk just typing up an essay, with a glass of lemonade and the vanity light on. It is unusual for me to get it so quiet living in a student village, by the sounds of it everyone is either out at work or in bed with a hangover,
  7. You're banned for making me scroll up and count, lol!!!!
  8. "Lost" by Coldplay
  9. Pepsi, Green Tea, Red Bull (although not that much as I used to), and fruit smoothies. Can't believe you Americans haven't put that in, or do you call them something else?
  10. Sorry for bumping a topic so old I was just browsing through, I have to agree with you here although I thought Data was just Spock many years into the future if you know what I mean. Well- I read it in one of my many Star Trek magazines of my collection, =p . I still think it is bad the old Spock got replaced with the new one in the latest film, imho I don't think anything can replace the original trek. It seems as if Picard and Data has won the votes?
  11. You're banned because I'm about to go to bed
  12. You're banned for banning me for something sexy lol
  13. papercut
  14. You're banned for noticing I have finally changed my mood moon.
  15. They put up with it 24/7, more on xmas day, You're banned for saying I'm pestering, I'm actually drowning lol
  16. its raining why is it raining i dont want it to rain why does it rain when i want to do the laundry i have to go out to the laundry room and it is raining i dont like the rain it is not fair stop the rain please thank you
  17. You're banned for sending me up to the Lifeguard's tower for a check over with the drooling... yes please hoppo or benny!
  18. Ohhhh they can fix that already! You're banned for making me drool all over Bondi Beach Rescue episodes on Youtube
  19. You're banned for telling me, thanks
  20. the long ****************** , see? You're banned for making me want to eat candy
  21. You're banned because I don't want to be banned
  22. I want this soo bad
  23. I rarely drink but when I do I'm head over heels! I am actually going to get a decaf cup of tea now lol ... wish me luck in getting drunk! I'm off to bed.