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  1. :biggrin: 49th anniversary????????????????????
  2. Just for fun...................... Lets vote anyway ! B) :) :) :lol: :lol:
  3. The thing I remember most is........... When I was a kid (in the 70's) I used to stay up late with my older brother and watch reruns of TOS. The eps. I remember most at that time was "Charlie X". I remember Charlie making that lady crew members face disappear (it kinda scared me) B)
  4. It might actually be a good movie as long as B&B have nothing to do with it. B)
  5. You will triuly be missed. Goodbye Mr Doohan.
  6. Alllllllllllll righty then.
  7. She was a regular in "Sex and The City" 333309[/snapback] I've never seen an episode of that show in my life :lol: 333418[/snapback] She also played "Lassie" in the movie "Porkys" :lol:
  8. Koik !
  9. Terra Prime is the 1st hour.
  10. Two words..................... Click For Spoiler NON-CANON !!!
  11. I had the same experience when I ordered a Big Mac at my Taco Bell !
  12. Click For Spoiler April Fools!!!!!!!!!! :P
  13. What I mean is so you could hear her voice over the phone. Not just reading what she has to say (IM) :)
  14. It's a start. After that then ask for her number so you can hear her voice.