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  1. This is only ONE of the problems that have led many technical professionals and experts to say to use IE rarely. More and more people are switching to using mozilla firefox as it is much more feature packed and is MUCH more user friendly. Now, if microsoft (providing they wouldn't whine and coooommmmplaaaaiinnn) would just make new versions of files such as Messenger, hotmail, etc that could be opened primarily in a 3rd party web browser then you'd probably see the problems on computers go down fairly soon.
  2. I don't know if anyone caught this, but on 60 minutes i watched some of a segment on Google and they mentioned that in their future plans they had instant web page language translation on their minds.
  3. I think (the captain's chair) makes a bit more sense this way then having a touch screen, i mean, what if he or another officer is covered in a dirt-like substance and when they touch a part of the screen, they then have to wipe it off before they can touch that part again.
  4. Hehehe, yes i know of the "ancient ones" :lol:. They use one of those older cell phones as a gag in some of the commercials now, along with "laptops" that really look like predecessors to the iMac, as well as other items. Yeah, i also find it peculiar that we're getting cell phones with buttons our fingers can't hit easily (i keep saying "what's with these companies, don't they think they're making these things TOO small?!!!" ).
  5. Well, I think the asertion that 2 or more are needed applies more to when different races had primitive UT technology, and as it improved they were able to slowly dissolve the need to have a bare minimum of 2 systems. As for how they translate so quickly, it has to do with a basic route dialect pattern that is used by most alien races, although early on they may not know this. And yeah, there really should be more races with which translation takes a while.
  6. Uriel: One of the busiest angels, one of prophecy and creativity. Concidered to be represenatative of the sun, and one of the most beautiful archangels ever. Of course that could just be vanity... Although i don't really see myself as beautiful (cute maybe but beautiful? :lol: ), i am definately creative and some aspect of prophecy may be a part of me.
  7. Hehehe, you guys are great :lol: . Hey VBG, wasn't it Ted Nugent who created People Eating Tasty Animals?
  8. I noticed fairly quickly the changes they made on enterprise, in the way of sets. First off the captain has a new chair, but this chair instead of having a handful of keyboard like buttons now has buttons/lights more like Kirk's chair. The Transporter has a more redish hue to it that's reminiscent of Kirk's transporter. In that genetic station they even had a triangular monitor in the main research laboratory similar to the one that's prevalent in the breifing room on Kirk's Enterprise. If you notice anything else reminiscent of TOS, please share. I think we owe cudos to Coto for these changes also :lol:.
  9. I thought it was pretty good, but should be used more as a way to bring back more fans (or get new fans). But yeah, the "where no humans have gone before" line was definately cheesy. On that second audio, it first showed up on the first "star trek: starship creator" pc game if you had no idea. I swear, i first heard it on the game and afterwards it's like all of a sudden it's EVERYWHERE. And as far as what i think on the intro, i'd like them to go back to the first one since the show no longer is at such a fast pace. The remix intro was really suited for the xindi arc and now that's over with (i hope).
  10. Actually, there is a Star Trek TV Channel, sorta. It's called Space Channel and they've made a "no more trek" commercial which introduces viewers to the knowledge of Enterprise joining the Star Trek line-up; the website is and apparently they don't just show Star Trek (probably a good idea, EVERYONE needs some variety).
  11. If you want more schematics, check out this site: and also this site for cutaways (MSD's in otherwords): . Of course there's more great stuff on this guy's main page .
  12. One site that i like a lot that has a bunch of info on enterprise is . I've said this a couple times before, but i'd like to see them switch back to Spatial Torpedoes from now on; i mean, aside from the fact these new torps only use antimatter instead of a fusion-ish warhead, they look like bonafide photon torpedoes (heck, even the name is spelled almost EXACTLY the same :)).
  13. Maybe the staff is busy trying to come up with more appealing alternatives to the doc's "creatures". :) But seriously, isn't it kinda universal in the military/starfleet to have a small medical team, and bring in a medical ship in an emergency? I think this is a problem with Enterprise though since there AREN'T any medical ships at all that we know of!!!
  14. You know, we were never given a clue as to who/what Silik's boss was, i was kinda disappointed about that, in regards to them finishing the TCW story.
  15. Hehehe, i can imagine what they'd say: T'Pol: "Those shields are inefficient and inadequately designed." Reed: "Turbolasers, blasters, ion and hyperdrive engines; what were these people thinking??" Trip: "I'd like to know how they can even POWER all that stuff without a matter/antimatter engine, there's no way they could have enough energy for anything on this movie." Hoshi: "I wish we had UT's the worked that good :)". Mayweather: "Wait a minute, no vessel can cruise at 50% light speed with ion engines, and half of those vessels are slower then my dad's cargoship WITH cargo modules attached". Archer: "Guys, lighten up, it's just a movie *maaannnn, i wish I had jedi powers*". Hehehe