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  1. IMO the first three seaons were wasted by B&B. However in the fourth season this series was just starting to get better. I saw the multipart Vulcan story arc. I was impressed with the Reeves-Stevens team and how they handled this long time TOS race. I was hoping this will continue with Coto at the controls and Reeves-Stevens at the helm. IMO it's time Star Trek break away from UPN and be transported to Sci-fi. They had several key people who cares about Star Trek and want to see it continue. We should all drop subspace messages to the big brass of Paramount and give them a piece of our POV. Paramount may own the copyright to the franchise but I think it is in Universal, Sci-fi Channel's parent, that lay its future.
  2. Listen to demo. Oh my stars! Shatner maybe a good actor and writer but I don't think he should sing. Somebody better tell him to not give up his day job anytine soon.
  3. Maybe in your local area but DS9 is nowhere to be found anywhere in my local cable network except on Access. All I know is DS9 is Star Trek's best series, IMO. Why can't Space renew its license and repeat them in their Trek weekday repeats is anyone's guess. Deep Space Nine need a home, fellow Niners. SpikeTV aka TrashCentral is not it.
  4. too bad it's not considered canon... 202866[/snapback] Canon, shan-non! It's a good attempt in continuing the series. At least Harry Kim finally got the promotion he so richly deserved back in season four after he almost singlehandedly saved the ship. The thing is why Paris was busted to ensign only to be reinstated a year later as lieutenant. Why did Janeway gave Chakotay command of the refitted Voyager? I thought he was more interested in teaching at the Academy. Why did the author chose the Borg again as their main advisary? I was hoping Q would pop in to congradulate Janeway on her promotion to admiral. To me, Seven would make the perfect candidate for being an expert on the Borg. Maybe she will team up with Commander Shelby in the UFP's tactical analysis regarding the Borg Collective and how to deal with them.
  5. Note - Please use a different color. Green on black is nearly impossible to read. I love Seska and the way she outwitted the crew especially Tuvok. She can give lessons to Dukat for playing a villain. Martha Hackett said she had a great time playing Seska. I would love to see some Trek novels base on her relationship to Chakotay in the Maquis. Don't you?
  6. Good question. I think it just might do that. This is one of the reasons why TOS is timeless. We can enjoy watching them numerous times and still cheer for our heros.
  7. I turned off Spike ever since they replaced DS9 with their RealTV crap. The only place I can see it on a regular basis is on Access Network, Channel 13, at 4 PM MST. Thanks heaven I got the DVD box sets so I can watch them whenever I like.
  8. True enough. This movie is a perfect example of what happen when an outsider is brought in to write a Star Trek script and an outsider who directed it. I blame Berman and company for turning out such a laim film. This movie had all sorts of errors and way too much familiar elements in it. The crew praised the writing but I think they are just a little more than window dressing. I am willing to bet if they had given the director's chair to experienced directors already on hand - re Jonathan Frakes, Gates MacFadden and Levar Burton, this movie would turn out differently.
  9. You brought out some good points. If the ship was truly "lost" they shouldn't be able to figure out they are somewhere on the far side of the galaxy in the Delta Quadrant more than seventy thousand llight years away from the UFP. How did they get this reference if no star charts exists? Maybe the writers could easily toss the ship to the Andromeda galaxy, more than three million light years away. This would force the crew to face the fact they must either reach home or find some way to adopt and start new way of life in the uncharted final froniter. I just had an idea. This could be the launch point for a Voyager continuation novel series.
  10. I think something fishy is happening here and it doesn't smell good. There had been a rumour floating around the web regarding this "Trek news" but nothing official had been issued. Until I receive an official press release I would take this rumour with a grain of salt. I will be geniunely surpirse Berman will be granted the green light to proceed after the poor box office performance of Nemesis.
  11. Had you play this game from Starsphere? What do you think of it? For me I had played it but I found it lacking in several key areas. For one thing the controls are difficult to understand. The graphics are nice but there were no training area. Warning - Spoiler Ahead **** In this game you are a fighter pilot under Captain Sulu's command. Your primary mission is to safeguard the Excelsior from her enemies. Your goal is to reach a subdimensional rift where you can go home. The game had ten levels of difficuities. Each level had their own seperate challenges and difficulties. As you progress through each level, your skills via points and score will increase. **** This game had a similar look, style and feel as Starfleet Academy - Cadet Briefing from Interplay except it doesn't have training scenerios nor interactive submenu teasers. If you enjoy playing SA, then you might enjoy this Trek game. Overall I found this game is above a typical FPS game. The bottom line is it still can't beat Elite Force, which, IMO, is Star Trek's best game to date.
  12. It gotta be DS9. The first two seasons were shakey at best but that was understandable. The characters were barely starting to get settle. In the third season beginning with "The Search" this series took off. Besides, Morn is my favorite Trek character. Who can say "no" to this interesting tribute to Cheers' Norm Peterson, no?
  13. ^ That's the RL approach. In Emissary O'Brien used the station's thrusters to position the station just beyond the entrance to the worm hole. He used the manuvering thrusters again in Q-less when the cosmic creature was released from the alien egg Vash attempted to auction off. My theory is that the station is kept in place due to its magnetic anchor position relative to Bajor and the worm hole along with the constant rotational of the station creating the artifical gravity onboard.
  14. Am I the only one who had played this game? Come on, people. Let's hear what you think? Was it good? Bad? Great? Poor? Let's hear your feedbacks.
  15. Robert April was never in command of USS Enterprise 1701. In fact he was the first captain to command a brand new unnamed Constilation class starship on an important rescue mission - re TOS novel - Final Frontier. IMO he should of been the one in command of the NX01 instead of Jonathan Archer. I think this could of made the series a whole lot more interesting, no?
  16. I had plenty of DS9 quotes in my list. If you have something to say then say it! - Sisko to Weyoun. Kiss the girl and get the key. They never taught that in the Obscedion Order. - Garak to Bashir. That man loves me. I can see it written all over his back. - Quark to Kira. Yikes! What is that? Is that a bird or a dog? Oh that? That's a Yukaku. What did you do with them? Keep them for pets or something? No. We use to eat them. - Dax and Kira Next?
  17. I know I am going to get all of them. I am disappointed in the bonus disk features of Season One but I am willing to give it a second chance come May. If it doesn't meet my expectations than I will just drop the bonus disk and settle for the box sets. They maybe plain looking but still very nice next to my TNG and DS9 box sets. :(
  18. Recently NASA probes had discovered pockets of methane on the Red Planet. Scientists speculated this can either be the result of bacteria or volcanic activities. Could this lead to evidence of ancient life on Mars? What do you think?
  19. IIRC didn't he already published a Trek novel called "The Return" with Kirk resurrected by Romulans using Borg technology? Maybe this is what he is doing - Promoting his book along with his other Trek novels? Possible?
  20. I don't think so. Deck 29 was mentioned not once but several times throughout Nemesis. But then how do we account for "Tubro Shaft 8" in TMP when there were only two maybe three turbolifts throughout the ship? Another miss by the pro-production editors? Possible...
  21. I don't understand this. Why no responses? Am I the only one here who had played this game?
  22. Brannon Braga? I thought Berman work with the devil.
  23. I agreed. The Enterprise-E had twenty four decks. How did she gain five additional decks in Nemesis is beyond me.
  24. Why is everyone assuming it was Tuvok in Generations while in fact it was Tim Russ, not Tuvok, who was onboard the Enterprise-B, playing an unidentified lieutenant?
  25. Assuming this series survive to fill a fourth season, what do you expect in its 100th episode, a landmark for any series? If this series do survive we may see an ancestor of James Kirk to show up play by no one but William Shatner himself. I can see the plot having a feel similar to Cornation Street or The Seventh. Speaking of which, what do you like to see in the fourth season? I like to see a followup to "Deadstop," by far one of Enterprise's best episodes to date. If I am in charge I like to see Archer and company begin a new mission - To establish the UFP and the Prime Directive, praving the way to TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager. What are your choices?