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  1. Oh, that was so pretty! *saves* :biggrin: Thank you!
  2. That's easy! Insurrection was my favourite! Data was so cute!
  3. DEFINATELY Data! He's my most favourite fictional character ever!
  4. I voted for Data, naturally!
  5. Cool video man! You needed Data in there though. He had a whole episode about his dreams once!:)
  6. I thought the Dixon Hill episode was cute, as far as Data goes. The Captain and some of the other crewmembers are gearing up for some time in the holodeck..when Data shows up. He wants to play too! Much to everyone's dismay that is. So they let Data tag along with them, though all throughout the episode he proves to be a little bit of a pest by rambling on and on when asked for a definition of something, or the times when he just doesn't quite grasp how to play or what have you. Granted, it wasn't a Data episode, but he put forth an endearing performance.:)
  7. Awwww. Data, definately. He's much more entertaining, and he's a cute little thing. That, and he's the picture of innocence.
  8. I never really thought of Data as sexy. Disgustingly cute maybe, but not sexy.
  9. ...except maybe Data..
  10. Hee!:huh: Yeah, that's the one I have! He looks terrified, yeah. His expression's like, "Holy crap!! WHERE'S THE REST OF ME?!?!"
  11. Hehehe..whatever gave you that idea?:huh:
  12. Okay...well, since we're discussing our collections, here's what I have: 12" Data figure (I named him Databit, and he sits near me on my computer desk. How I love him!) 10" Data figure (Applause) 10" Data figure (Enesco) 9" Data figure from Insurrection (wearing the blue shirt/vest) 9" Data figure from the TNG show (dressed in his uniform) 9" Data figure from Generations 9" Data figure from First Contact 9" Data figure dressed as Sherlock Holmes 7" Data figure (Nemesis) 6" Data figure from First Contact (I have 2 of these) 5" Data figure from the show (I have 3) 5" Data figure from Generations 5" Data figure (Big Goodbye) 5" Data figure (All good Things..) 5" Data figure (Cadet..AKA 'Baby Data') 5" Data figure (dress uniform) 5" Data figure (7th season version) 5" Data figure (Insurrection) 5" Data figure (light up teleport version) 3" Data figure (Galoob) Data PVC (Generations -- I have 3) Data PVC (Enesco -- I have 2) Data Ornament (seated at console) Pewter Data figure Data/Borg Queen Diorama Mint Condition: 12" Data figure (like Databit, only he's mint in box) 9" Data figure (blue vest, same story about being in a box) Etc. Data bust Data mugs (I have 3..one is a bust, one is a photo, and one is him on a transporter) Data keychain Data shirts (I have all 3 designs) Trading cards (I have nearly every Data one that came out..) Plates (one so far, and it's a small one) ..and I think I'm going to stop there so I don't further worry anyone...I have an extensive collection, but it's all spread out around my house and such, so you don't notice it right off the bat..:o And no, it's not like I'm madobsessed. I just liek the little guy, and so when I see stuff, I buy it. it helps that there's a Star Trek store near me that carries stuff cheap!:o
  13. Hey, that reminds me...I have heard that Berman is in the planning stages of another Trek movie, but that it's going to be a prequel of sorts. Anyone else heard about anything like that?
  14. Easy! They got home by...by...hmm..uh... Oh, I know! Data rewrote the script so that they got home in a timely manner and stuff! Yeah! That's it!
  15. I have a psychotic little calico manx cat that I named Deanna Mew. Now I didn't name her after any Trek character, I just liked the name. But no, my roommates are trekkies and insist on calling her Counsellour Mew, to the point that now she answers to it. Ah well.