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Ok after a billion edits here it is........

[i should not be on the internet this late ,lol]'s



Trek-News-Talk's Next Scheduled Chat

Date: 4/18/04

Time: 2:00pm EST

Special Guest: Roger Nygard



Roger Nygard -- director of "Trekkies 2" is very pleased to announce a second guest to Trek-News-Talk. Roger Nygard is the director of "Trekkies 2" and has been nice enough to join in a special Q&A Interview session in the chat room. All the staff wants to thank him for accepting.


Roger Nygard has directed, produced, written, and edited for film and television, most recently directing and editing the feature documentary, TREKKIES 2, to be released by Paramount Pictures in 2004. Nygard's first film was a horror-comedy short called, WARPED (aka, TALES OF THE UNKNOWN), which went on to capture the top award at the 1990 Houston International Film Festival.......

[Visit for complete biography]


The actual chat room session will be held on Sunday, April 18, at 2:00pm EST. We are greatly looking forward to the upcoming chat. As usual let’s be on our best behaviors and represent the best has to offer.


The actual chat room setup and structure will probably be similar to the chat with the BBK group. It will be broken up into two parts: The first part is where I will ask our Mr. Nygard a few general questions. The second part of the chat is where all of you will be able to ask a few questions to our guest.


Hope to see you there!'s

Official Star Trek Trivia


This week I decided to do some math in the Star Trek Trivia forum. Our normal Star Trek trivia questions will be back next week (so don’t worry). The majority of the questions are algebra related. There are also two calculus problems and one trigonometry problem. The difficulty is at an intermediate level but try to lean towards the easier side. I hope you give them a try!


Like I said next week we’ll go back to our regular Star Trek trivia questions!


Star Trek Trivia Chat Room Session:

Saturday, April 24, at 4:00pm EST will be our next chat room trivia session


This session will be a special TEAM-PLAY competition. In this chat room trivia session it will contain regular Star Trek questions (NO math). Please check out the trivia forum for more info......thanks



Master Q

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