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Captain Nebula

TOS and Movies Alien Race Tables

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If you need a random Alien for roleplaying or fan fiction.

Alien Races in Star Trek

Races  (1d6)
1 Human
2 Common Alien
3 Human
4 Common Alien
5 Human
6 Common Alien

Humans (1d6)
1 Terran Human
2 Colonial Human
3 Modified Human
4 Terran Human
5 Diaspora Human
6 Hybrid Human/Alien

Common Alien (1d6)
1 Vulcan
2 Uncommon Alien
3 Andorian
4 Vulcan
5 Tellarite
6 Uncommon Alien

Uncommon Alien (1d6)
1 Deltan
2 Rare Alien
3 Alpha Centauran
4 Caitian
5 Efrosian
9 Arkenite

Rare Alien - The Animated Series (1d6)
1 Edoan
2 Caitian
3 Free Orion (Former Slave Girl)
4 Vulcan (Romulan Spy)
5 Andorian
6 Tellarite

Rare Alien - The Motion Picture (1d6)
1 Rhaandarite
2 Deltan
3 Betelgeusian
4 Megarite
5 Therbian
6 Saurian

Rare Alien - Star Trek Movies I (1d6)
1 Zaranite
2 Arcturian
3 Arkenite
4 Arcadian
5 Xelatian
6 Aurelian

Rare Alien - Star Trek Movies II (1d6)
1 Cygnan
2 Rigelian
3 Denebian
4 Coridanite
5 Kazarite
6 Bzzit Khaht

Rare Alien - Spock’s World (1d6)
1 Hamalki
2 Mizarthu
3 Sulamid
4 Irdesh
5 Alarshin
6 Horta

Adversary Alien (1d6)
1 Imperial Klingon
2 Human/Klingon Fusion
3 Romulan
4 Orion Pirate
5 The Gorn
6 Renegade Alien (Roll Any Table Above)

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That's a pretty nifty setup for random alien races in Star Trek! Makes creating characters for roleplaying or fan fiction way easier. Love how you've got different tables for common, uncommon, and rare aliens from various parts of the series and movies. Rolling a die to determine the race adds a fun element of surprise. Definitely gonna use this for my next campaign!  

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