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To be sung to the tune of "Gilligan's Island"


Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,

A tale of a fateful trip

That started out at Dee-Ess-Nine

Aboard a Starfleet ship


The Voyager's Intrepid-Class,

Her crew, newly assigned;

Her mission: Locate Maquis

Gul Evek couldn't find.

(Evek couldn't find)


Into a deadly nebula

Our starship, she did roam.

But, hit by the Caretaker's distortion wave,

She's carried far from home.

(Carried far from home.)


The ship appeared in the midst of

The uncharted Delta Quad...


With Jane-[a]-way,

Tom Paris, too;

Young Ensign Kim;


The Half-Kling-ahhhnnn;

The Holo-Doc, and Tuvok

Lost in space for a while...


So this is the tale of our cast-a-ways

They're in for a long warp drive;

They'll have to travel really fast

To make it home alive.


Chakotay and the Captain too

Must do their very best

To merge Starfleet and Maquis crews

With help from Neelix and Kes


No Earth, no base, no allied ships,

Federation or Maquis,

Like ears on a Ferengi,

They're far-apart as can be...


So join us every week, Trek Friend;

You're sure to pick a nit

With plot-line inconsistencies

In each "Voyager" script...



Got this from Dar's Star Trek Vault

Thought everyone might enjoy!

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Very nice! Thanks for sharing that! I watched way too many Gilligan Island episodes.


To compare the shows more closely, since Janeway IS the Captain, or Skipper, would 7 of 9 be Gilligan, or would it be Neelix? Would the EMH or Tuvok be the Professor, would Kes be Mary Anne, and Mz Dawson be Ginger? And what about the Howells? :)

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Someone has been watching the Ferguson Schwarzzeneger.....he does pretty good, doesn't he? Yes, did fine. But remember-you need a cigar in hand, a pair of dark sunglasses, and a leather biker's jacket...

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Right. I would assume the real Ahnold has seen the new film? I confess I have not; I am just not the moviegoer I once was years ago..used to see every SF movie as it cam out..but, were the new Terminator on the tube right now, of course I would be there! Wonder what the Governator thinks of it?

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Hey, i tried to do an impresion of the AAHHNNOOLLDD FROM, Austrian Death Machine's "Total Brutal" cd. Now, if i only had my new nuclear power cell....................

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