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Stephen of Borg

Evil Dead: The Musical

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This is My Review of The Album Released April, 2007




Evil Dead the Musical is something that every fan should buy, because if you love the movies, then you will love this musical. The songs have a wide range of emotion, mainly comedy, but some songs that are supposed to be funny (such as “Housewares Employee”) are actually beautiful in its own way. The music is also a wide range of Rock genres, from DooWop to even having metal riffs. It has that Rocky Horror/Little Shop of Horrors feel, but totally stands alone and holds its own when it comes to sustenance.




This is definitely a parental advisory album, but that never stops it from being what it is, awesome. I was really impressed by the vocal talent that really adds to the songs. If the singing is bad, the songs would fail as well. Ryan Ward, who plays Ash in the musical and on this record, goes above and beyond what I expecting from an Off Broadway play. This guy can sing, and to make it even better, he does a great Bruce Campbell impersonation! He doesn’t sound 100% like Bruce all of the time, but he definitely has the Bruce screams down for sure.




There is some dialogue in between some songs and it does help illustrate the story a little bit; and the album comes with a short “Act 1” “Act 2” description of the play, but if you have never seen the movies-I think the story would be hard to follow. There aren’t really enough descriptions used for those who don’t know the story really well. Like I said, it gives some back ground info to the story in form of the dialogue and the mini-book that comes with the album, but clueless people could still get confused not having seen the visuals.




So, with all of that said, I think that this album is a must if you are a fan of the movies. If you have never seen any of the movies except for Army of Darkness on TV, I highly recommend that you watch the first two (at least the second movie) before listening to the album. That way you can understand the jokes better and just get more out of the CD. If nothing else, watch the movies because they are awesome!




The Song List for the Album is


1. Book of the Dead

2. Cabin in the Woods

3. Stupid B****

4. Housewares Employee

5. Evil Trees

6. It Won’t Let Us Leave

7. Look Who’s Evil Now

8. What the (I'm trying to misspell a badword but can't) Was That?

9. Join Us

10. Good Old Reliable Jake (Intro)

11. Good Old Reliable Jake

12. Housewares Employee (Reprise)

13. Dead is a B****

14. I’m Not A Killer

15. Evil Puns

16. Bit Part Demon

17. Good…Bad…I’m the Guy with the Gun

18. All of the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons

19. Ode to an Accidental Stabbing

20. Boomstick

21. Do the Necronomicon

22. It’s Time

23. We Will Never Die

24. S-Mart

25. Blew That B**** Away

26. Groovy



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I saw this show THREE times when it was on Broadway,with inclusion of a Q & A by Bruce Campbell. It was so good! I was upset when they closed the show and moved back to Canada

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