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The First Duty

What rating would you give The First Duty?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give The First Duty?

    • 5. It?s great, I loved it!
    • 4. It?s good.
    • 3. It?s average.
    • 2. It?s not that good.
    • 1. I hated it.

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Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season: 5

Episode #: 19

Production #: 219

Episode Name: The First Duty

Original Air Date: 03.30.92


Review not yet available.




Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Jonathan Frakes as William Thomas Riker

Brent Spiner as Data

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge

Michael Dorn as Worf

Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher

Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi


Guest Cast:


Ray Walston as Boothby

Ed Lauter as Lt. Commander Albert

Jacqueline Brookes as Admiral Brand

Richard Fancy as Captain Satelk

Shannon Fill as Sito

Richard Rothenberg as Cadet

Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher

Walker Brandt as Hajar

Robert Duncan McNeill as Nicholas Locarno


Director: Paul Lynch

Written By: Ronald D. Moore & Naren Shankar


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Hmmm, this is an episode that I really enjoyed...I wonder why? :assimilated:


Written By Ronald D. Moore & Naren Shankar


WOW, will you look at that!!!! :lol:


No wonder I liked this episode so much.


Two DS9 writers took this episode to a very high standard.


FINALLY a decent episode featuring Wesley Crusher.


See what happens when you make him fallible??? He becomes more endearing.


Very good performances in this episode by Wil Wheaton and Robert McNeill, who as you all are aware would go onto play the charming and very likable Tom Paris in VOY, who was practically the same character he played here.


A story of cover-ups and something sinister going on at Starfleet Academy.


Excellent episode. I highly recommend you see it.


Gold standard


Rating = 5

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5. In fact, they should have had McNeill keep the character name of Locarno in VOY. After being expelled from Starfleet Academy, he joined the Maquis, got caught and arrested, then got blown into the Delta Quadrant. Fits together.


Anyway, good mystery story, and it unfolds well.

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