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Some good RPG'S anyone

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Hey everyone


I just wanted to share some links of Role playing simulations that i enjoy.


Hall of Heros

This one is for people who like Super heros.


USS Defiant

.An experiment by Starfleet: A ship, the Defiant of the Nexus Fleet, that is run by Klingons(as well as Starefleet officers) under the Starfleet banner.All run with Klingon rules Do you dare join?


Sigma lotia: The gangster planet


Sigma Iotia II is a sim in the Nexus Fleet. It is based on the episode "A Piece of the Action" in the Original TV Series Star Trek. Thirty-three years after Captain James Kirk and the Enterprise left the planet, the Sigma Lotia open their planet to other families willing to live in the same infrastructure they have came a custom to. Besides the Iotians, there are Italians and Irish families.



So Im me if you want to join.... :yahoo:

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Looks interesting. Let me think about it for a week. I am moving so it is not a good time to start anything now. But when I am settled down, pease send me a reminder PM. Thanks

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