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Official Trivia Winners and Promotions

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-- Official Chat Room --

Star Trek Trivia


~ Session #33 ~


master q will be hosting the official 33rd live Star Trek trivia session Saturday, March 19, at 4:00PM US/Eastern-Time in the chat room. I hope you can make the time to come. :P




Official Trivia Winners & Promotions!




1st Place


+85 points

[total of 3898.25 points]



+85 points

[total of 2692 points]


David R. George III

+85 points

[total of 2132 points]



+85 points

[total of 1764 points]


The King

+85 points

[total of 741 points]


2nd Place


+80.5 points

[total of 880 points]





Trivia Promotions



Commander Chakotay’s spirit guide

[total of 291.5 points]


Lt. Commander MrPsychic

[total of 212 points]


Lt. athena28

[total of 95 points]


Ensign anslem1701

[total of 45.5 points]


Cadet Gibby6923

[total of 12.5 points]


Cadet 3 of 7

[total of 10 points]




Well Done Everybody !! :yahoo:



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