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Picard's baldness

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The picture of Picard in Nemesis was taken during one of four years at the Academy. The scene in Tapestry is set just after graduation. Come on, how many of you have had more than one hairstyle over a four year period. Maybe he shaved his head as part of an initiation when he first got to the Academy, maybe he thought it would look good on him, who knows. IMO, this is the second biggest non-issue nitpick there is from Nemesis.



What is the first biggest non-issue nitpick there is from Nemesis?



At the message boards at someone actually posted that Nemesis was terrible because Data's sideburns were wrong - they claimed they were square throughout the movie. They weren't btw. They only became square when Data impersonated B4 because B4's sideburns were square.



Now that is really stupid ... who in the world notices sideburns? Data put a streak of gray in his hair for All Good Things just to create the illusion of aging. If I had actually noticed a change in his sideburns, I wouldn't have thought a thing about it beyond thinking that Data was just playing around with his appearance again. :P People.


I don't care anything about Data's sideburns. And I guess the only thing that annoys me about the Picard baldness in the Academy picture is just the lack of attention to detail on the part of the people who made Nemesis. They have to know that people are looking for things like that to see if things are correct according to "canon" ... I noticed it right off and commented on it to my husband immediately at the theatre. Stuff like that is distracting and gets your mind wandering about who in the world was involved in this project that didn't see "Tapestry." I'm more inclined to think they probably did see Tapestry and just didn't care enough about us to get it right. More concerned with cinematic license than pleasing their fan base, which is really kind of short-sighted.


I don't know ... I really didn't like this movie at all.

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My guess is that the Nemesis writers simply forgot about the episode "Violations"  :o  :P


Really, Jean-Luc HAD hair when he was younger. Remember the episode "Tapestry"? We see "Ensign Picard" fighting a Nausicaan (while Q talks to Jean-Luc in that white area) - and he does not seem to "suffer" from baldness at all.  :P I find it unlikely that his hair grew back  :P




I'd have to agree with this.


Besides. He doesn't need hair, he's perfect just the way he is. :nono:

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