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~~ Sarcasm,THE Post~~

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<<SO its a long time coming >>


Sarcasm is when you say somthing and mean the complete opposite


Its a nasty little habit i learned while living in the great city of NY


It gets me into trouble(Queres suspentions, and many MANT Topic closings..::wonders about this one::biggrin:


But the point and question of this post is: How do you counter it? Is there a counter sarcasm?


I like curtisey and genuine emotion.Which always works(Ok sometimes)

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The best way to stay out of trouble in trying to counter sarcasm is to ignore it and move on.


The written word can take on many different tones depending on how a person reads it. The poster might not be saying something sarcastically but the reader takes it that way and that is when the worst trouble starts.

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