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Well Syperphobia the explanation I have already formulated is this, she is no longer present on the Ent as a representative of the Vulcan High Council therefore she is free to express herself more freely, how's that sound? :(

Yeah, I thought that was the reason she was changing her outfit. I like the color better, it's much more flattering for her. I would actually like to see more color on Enterprise. She's really going to stand out among all those navy-colored uniforms. Too bad they didn't get away from the cat-suit concept. I don't see much change in the hair, I thought they were going to change that too. :)

Well, the outfit is just fit, not really a cat-suit... I really think they did tone it down. Also, I know that she never had a uniform becuase she was not officially of starfleet, and therefore has the freedom to express her personality, it would be just weird that she just showed up on the show and she gives no direct reason to why she dresses so human. :) Even if she doesnt all the way explain it, I believe they should at least she has a 'good new look'.

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Am I the only one he LIKED her look in the 1st two seasons. This new look has a werid sci fi retro look if you ask me. Actually, when I first saw a picture of T'pol years ago, I thought her uniform was bad, but once I saw it on the screen I liked it. Maybe I will like this one once I see it on the screen of my TV!

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Am I the only one he LIKED her look in the 1st two seasons.  This new look has a werid sci fi retro look if you ask me.  Actually, when I first saw a picture of T'pol years ago, I thought her uniform was bad, but once I saw it on the screen I liked it.  Maybe I will like this one once I see it on the screen of my TV!

I didn't really like it but I'm sick of hearing how sexist it is. With all the awful ways women are treated around the world we have better things to talk about then how sexist a fictional characters uniform is. rolleyes2.gif Let's take care of the big issues facing women today and then deal with the trivial stuff.

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All she needs now is a pair of roller skates and two springy glitter balls bouncing from e head and the disco look will be complete. Space 1999 here we come.

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'Episode 7' of ENT's Third Season


The Xindi-Sloth will play a crucial role in the seventh episode of Enterprise's third season scheduled to go before the cameras.


The episode, which is currently untitled, will reportedly revolve around a Xindi-Sloth facility which is producing material for the weapon that will launch the Xindi's next attack on Earth, sources told TrekToday.


Archer is determined to destroy the facility to delay the completion of the next generation weapon. But he soon comes into contact with the Xindi-Sloth who runs the operation, Gralik, who claims the Xindi-Sloth know nothing about the weapon and are simply producing material at the order of the Xindi-Humanoid, Degra.


Gralik tells Archer that the five Xindi sub-species have always been at each other's throats, and this led to a war which destroyed their homeworld. In fact, there was once even another sub-species, the Xindi-Avians, but they were destroyed by the Xindi-Reptilians and Xindi-Insectoids. Given that the Xindi-Sloth at the facility have been exploited, Archer, who believes Gralik's story, suspects only the Reptilians, Insectoids and Humanoids are behind the attack on Earth and the second weapon.


Although Archer is reluctant to destroy the manufacturing plant and the Xindi-Sloth settlement after talking with Gralik, he tells the supervisor he really has no other alternative. Gralik doesn't take it personally: he says his people will rebuild. With the help of MACO commander Major Hayes, the crew prepare to blow up the facility, but then Degra and a Xindi-Reptilian turn up to claim their material...


Please note that this information has not yet been confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until such time you should treat these details as you would any other rumour. Also please be aware that the information comes from an early draft of the script, and details could change before the episode goes to air.


Episode seven will likely air in late 2003




Master Q

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Enterprise's fifth episode


Enterprise's fifth episode this season, entitled "Impulse", will feature zombie-like Vulcans and horror movie imagery.


New reports at Psi Phi and the official Star Trek site reveal plot details and credits for the October 8 episode, in which Enterprise picks up a distress call from a Vulcan ship stranded in the Delphic Expanse.


According to, the sets have been designed to reflect the horror of the situation: "metal debris strewn about, broken conduits, tangled circuitry", as well as walls spattered with green blood.


The shoot took eight and a half days, requiring extensive makeup for the insane Vulcans. "Seven stunt people, along with a few extras, were dressed in tattered Vulcan uniforms...and were made up to look pretty scary — gaunt cheekbones, sunken eyes, pale skin and lesions," noted the report.


The item added that Jolene Blalock's character, T'Pol, gradually succumbs to the zombie effect, requiring additional makeup for Blalock as well.


The B-storyline concerns Tucker and Mayweather attempting to drill a rare substance from an asteroid that may help protect Enterprise within the Expanse.


Thus far the guest cast for the show lists only Sean McGowan as Hawkins, one of the MACO soldiers, who also appears in "Anomaly", this season's second scheduled episode.


"Impulse" is the first episode by Enterprise's story editor Jonathan Fernandez, from a story by Fernandez and production associate Terry Matalas. The installment is helmed by veteran Trek director David Livingston.




Master Q

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she looks alot better. so much more colour. and it seems to draw attention away from her... uh... features, unlike her old suit. it seems to look alot more tos trekish.

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Trip's Dark Journey on 'Enterprise'


By Kate O'Hare



When viewers last saw Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker III (Connor Trinneer) of the starship Enterprise, he was reeling from anger after his sister's death in a surprise alien attack on Earth.

On Wednesday, Sept. 10, UPN's "Enterprise" and its crew find themselves in a very different universe, when the show returns for a third season.


In last season's finale, a mysterious race called the Xindi seriously damaged Earth. The aliens were furious because of an attack on them by Earth -- 400 years in the future. They came back in time to test a new weapon aimed at annihilating Earth in a preemptive strike. The space-based weapon cut a swath across Earth, including the Florida town where Trip's sister lived.


Trip then extracted a promise from Capt. Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) that no effort would be spared in finding those responsible for her death and the deaths of 7 million others.


Trinneer promises that this tragedy has not turned Trip into another person. "I don't know how plain old pissed-off he is," he says. "It's another layer to play, but I don't know if it's necessarily a change. It's just seeing how he deals with it. He's definitely angry about it. He's everything about it. He's sad, angry -- he's going to mourn her death. But making him one-dimensionally angry would be a mistake, and they're not doing that."


Trinneer sees it more as a fresh start for the character. "I feel like I'm being asked to be rebirthed. I had a great time in the first two years doing this, getting pissed and having some romance, so if that's going to happen more, that's great.


"It's an evolution. You turn corners, open new doors. What a gift to come and work with these folks and kick this stuff out every day. And to be given other levels to go with, maybe for the rest of the series -- it's a hoot."


This attack on Earth marks a first for television's "Star Trek," which only put humanity's home world in danger in the feature-film franchise. The search for the Xindi is planned to play out over an unspecified number of episodes.


"We have an arc that's going to last more than one show, which is something new," Trinneer says. "Usually, we have a different thing happening per show. Now, it's going to happen for I don't know how many shows -- they don't call me.


"It's a mission. That's a bit different than simply going out there and seeing what's happening, which was our initial mission. I've never done something like this."


Trinneer says it's a far cry from Enterprise's former "We come in peace" initiative. "We're not just out there saying, 'Hi!'," he says. "If you're the people that we're looking for, we do mean some harm."


Speaking after filming about four episodes of the new season, Trinneer shares some hints about what's gone on so far. "We're still looking for the Xindi," he says. "We're encountering new alien races. The change that has happened is that we're consistently doing that, looking for the Xindi, and in that process, encountering new elements that we haven't seen before in the Delphic Expanse."


The region of space Trinneer is referring to is another new element in the show, a kind of Bermuda triangle in space where bizarre things occur and physical laws don't always apply.


"Some wacky things have happened that haven't happened before that I probably can't share," Trinneer says. "It's the big mystery."


There also are indications that Trip's relationship with Enterprise's science officer, Vulcan Sub-Commander T'Pol (Jolene Blalock), might be changing. The Vulcan High Command originally assigned T'Pol to Enterprise to keep an eye on Archer and his crew. Over the show's first two seasons, she came to tolerate and even appreciate her human shipmates. In the new season, she has resigned from the High Command and serves on Enterprise of her own free will.


Her relationship with Trip has ranged from bickering to tentative friendship -- and might blossom this season into something more.


"It's a little bit early in the season to (know when that might happen)," executive producer Brannon Braga says. "But, one thing that's beginning to evolve is he suffered a great emotional loss and is having trouble dealing with it.


"T'Pol's character has a lot of ability controlling emotion, and they begin to form a connection with one another dealing with that, that may or may not evolve into something a little more interesting."


One aspect of Trip's character that Trinneer wouldn't miss is his Southern good ol' boy demeanor.


"Honestly, after a certain point, I thought it was hokey," he says. "Come on, you're going to make me play the harmonica? I just got a little tired of dealing with the country-bumpkin aspect of this really smart engineer who's out in space. I thought, 'Come on, let's knock this off, or at least have a little more imagination for it.'


"I guess that's a moot point, because they're going to cut back on that, which is great. Here's the deal. I don't believe it. I don't believe how country-bumpkin we were having him. I thought it was a little hollow.


"If I'm going to have pan-fried catfish for my favorite meal -- why don't you go the other direction and make him really good at Steak Diane or something? That's interesting."


While the new mission may put the lighter aspects of life on the Enterprise on hold -- don't expect to see Archer playing water polo anytime soon -- Trinneer promises that things won't get boring.


"The hobbies are going to have to wait for a while. I think you're going to see some skin, but I don't know if it's going to be next to a pool."


CYBERSPATIAL ANOMALIES: The CT Society maintains Trinneer's official site at, with a lot of images and data. There's also a fan site at, which says it houses the "official" chat room for the actor.




Master Q

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More Season 3 Spoilers


The crew of the NX-01 will mutate into bizarre aliens and suffer an attack aimed at kidnapping a concubine in the episodes "Extinction" and "Raijin", scheduled to air on September 24th and October 1st respectively.


According to a report in SFX (via The Great Link), the third episode of the new season of Enterprise, "Extinction" (written by Andre Bormanis and directed by LeVar Burton), finds the crew on a jungle planet that wreaks havoc with human physiology. T'Pol's Vulcan genes are spared the worst of the effects, but she is kidnapped by other members of the away team and taken to an alien city.


"Trip leads a rescue team which recaptures Reed," stated the summary. "Hoshi and Archer escape and T’Pol elects to remain with them. Using the universal translator, she is able to communicate with Archer, causing him to question his new self."


Though Phlox begins work on a cure, the situation is further complicated by the arrival of alien vessels which declare that the planet is under quarantine, for the mutagenic effects are the result of a virus, the planet's civilization's attempts to prevent sterility and extinction. Infected beings like Archer and Sato are now destroyed to prevent others from contracting the virus.


Ultimately Phlox is successful in proving that his retrovirus works, and once Archer is restored, he orders the alien virus preserved for study since it is all that remains of an entire civilization.


"Rajiin" (written by Brent V. Friedman and directed by Mike Vejar) finds the crew in a bazaar on the small land mass of an ocean world. As previously reported, the beautiful Rajiin comes between the Enterprise crew and the Xindi, though according to SFX, she's actually working for the aliens.


"Raijin is able to seductively hypnotise and scan beings and wipe the memory of her acts...she’s a spy for the Xindi and has already scanned Archer and Hoshi. When she tries to scan T’Pol, the Vulcan struggles and is knocked out."


The Xindi want Raijin's data about human physiology to create a new weapon to use against Earth, so Xindi-Reptilians and Xindi-Insectoids board Enterprise, seize Raijin and flee through a subspace portal. Though Rajiin tries to convince the Xindi Council that humans are not evil, they remain hostile. Meanwhile the crew is left with a dead Xindi to study.


The original reports on "Extinction" and "Raijin" are available at The Great Link.




Master Q

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A MACO Speaks . . .

Julia Rose


"GHS grad lands enterprising role in TV series"

By Annie Linskey

When fighting aliens, it's important to move around a lot.


"Look low, come in high, always make yourself a different type of target," explained Julia Rose.


Rose, 30, a Greenwich High School graduate, will show off these skills this fall when she appears in several episodes of "Enterprise," a prequel to the "Star Trek" series.


Set 100 years before Capt. Kirk and his crew embarked on their journey, "Enterprise" chronicles the adventures of the first deep-space starship. It is the fourth spin-off from the original "Star Trek" series. Rose will appear in the second episode of the new season, which airs at 8 p.m. Sept. 17 on UPN.


Rose plays a MACO -- Military Assault Command Operation -- soldier named McKenzie.


"I'm supposed to be a tough, Navy SEAL chick," she said. "They haven't completely developed the character."


As part of a team of elite soldiers, Rose will help the Enterprise crew fight the alien Xindi, who, predictably, want to kill everyone on earth. In the last season, the Xindi managed to knock off somewhere between 6 million and 7 million earthlings.


When fighting aliens, it is also important to look good. Rose will appear in a layered camouflage bodysuit, her hair parted on the side and slicked back into a funky little bun.


"I'm a tough girl, gotta keep the hair off the face," she said.


Rose also wears a spacesuit in one scene. The costume director issued her one with "swank" written inside of it.


"At first I thought, 'Nice, I got the swanky one,' " she said. It turned out the suit was in fact a hand-me-down from actress Hilary Swank, who wore it in the movie "The Core."


Rose faced stiff competition to land the part. Although exact figures were not available, 25 to 40 people are generally invited to audition, said Melissa Gieringer, a spokeswoman for Paramount.


"Those invited to audition have been selected from thousands of head shots," she said. "It is a tough process."


Getting past casting director Ron Surma was a personal victory for Rose.


"He likes well-trained actors," she said.


And acting for "Enterprise" can be challenging.


"When people watch the show, they'll see floating dead aliens in a scene," although the cast can't see them while filming, Rose said. "But you need to pretend they are there when shooting the scene." Sometimes the director puts a giant 'X' off-scene, so actors know where to look, she said, or a stunt man will be hooked up to a wire and fly by, so the actors know where to aim.


Actors also need to keep in mind that they are supposed to be walking in space. Rose said she pretends she's walking through molasses.


One of the highlights of the experience is working with actor Scott Bakula, who plays Capt. Jonathan Archer on the show, Rose said. She remembered him from "Quantum Leap," which ran on NBC from 1989 to 1993.


"He's the dad on set," she said. "He talks to the cameraman, the actors, the make-up people, to make sure everyone is happy."


Rose graduated in 1990 from Greenwich High, where she played the title role in a production of "Romeo and Juliet." Before going to Hollywood, she picked up an Ivy League degree from the University of Pennsylvania.


In addition to "Enterprise," Rose is shooting a scene this fall for CBS's comedy "King of Queens," where she'll appear as a flirty nurse. She also will star in "Desert Vows," an independent film directed by Disney's Mike Merell, which will come out late next year.


Copyright © 2003, Southern Connecticut Newspapers, Inc.




Master Q

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"Braga, Berman Talk Trek Future"


Executive producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman spoke of their plans and hopes for the Star Trek franchise in the latest round of publicity surrounding Star Trek Enterprise's season premiere.


Speaking to John Coffren of The Baltimore Sun, Braga said that he always thought Star Trek worked best creating stand-alone episodes, but that he and Berman were "playing around with structure" in the Xindi arc.


"Am I scared that this will work? Yes, but it's different, challenging and ultimately more creative," he added.


Calling many reviews of the television series "blistering and unfair," the executive producer noted that the aging franchise was having difficulty wooing back older viewers who made The Next Generation so successful.


"We're making very dramatic, and hopefully, effective changes to the show because they are creatively stimulating and because we're trying, of course we're trying, to generate viewer interest. A lot of people are like, 'Are you doing this because of the ratings?' Well yeah! What television show in the history of television doesn't try to get better ratings?" he said.


"Send in the marines" is Braga's strategy, wrote Coffren, examining the role of the MACO officers in the season premiere.


Berman, meanwhile, spoke to fans in the Star Trek Communicator, mouthpiece of the official Star Trek fan club.


In an article summarized at TrekWeb, he reiterated Braga's excitement about the action provided by the MACOs and promised, "...we are going to introduce the first of what will be more than one mysterious artificial moon...huge man-made spheres that are cloaked and emanating some very unusual types of radiation. They are going to play a part in our arc and our hunt for the Xindi weapon."


Berman did not commit to a time period for the Xindi storyline, saying, "We don't have the whole season arc worked out...I think there is a good possibility that it will last the entire season."


Also, like Braga, Berman did not attribute the show's declining ratings to a single cause but said, "This is not a question of something 'not working'...all we can do is try to give the show a new direction and do the best job that we can."


The Braga interview may be found in The Baltimore Sun, while the Berman interview may be found in the Star Trek Communicator with excerpts at TrekWeb.




Master Q

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