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Stfa President Issues Apology

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From a E-Mail. (you may remember the author as trekwriter from ST.COM)


Being that I am the person who began this campaign a little over two years ago, not to mention the STFA, I have a statement I would like to make to all have been here.



I would like to take full responsibility and issue my sincerest apologies. Two years ago, I began this campaign in an attempt to bring about several goals related to the improvement (or at worst, cancellation) of the current running Star Trek installment, "Enterprise". While the goals were high, we truly believed that we could accomplish them in the ways that the original "Save Star Trek Campaign" did back in 68. Well, I am saddened to admit that we have failed. And not only failed , but totally in every aspect of what we set out to do. I sincerely apologize for failing you in my attempts to run this campaign, and for failing you in continuing to maintain the STFA, this (my) board, and all semblance of Trek'esque qualities among this once-tight group. I can only hope that in the examples set forth by the true Gene Roddenberry creation of "Star Trek" that someday I can be forgiven and forgotten.




Any and all Star Trek fans will still be welcome here at these boards, for as long as you desire to come by.




The  Team


I won't say I'm sorry he failed (cause I'm not) but I do forgive him, he was only doing what he felt was the right thing to do.

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