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Star Trek on The West Wing

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Okay, firstly I'll admit that I am a new fan of The West Wing, and thank God for Bravo playing three episodes a day. I do not agree with many things with it, but I have yet to find a show where I agree with everything.


Secondly, today's episode involved Josh having problems with a Trek fan wearing a Trek pin to work. I'm assuming it was an IDIC. (It's never shown.) He has her remove it, and then at the end of the show, he talks about being a fan versus having a fetish - that ST is a fetish and belongs at home, not at work.


Ok, so be it. I probably wouldn't wear a Trek pin to the White House, but that's not the point. In his argument, Josh separated fans of sports, for example, from Trek fans. But, wait a minute - the episode before, Toby made a big deal about Sam taking down his Lakers banner from the wall. Doesn't this qualify as a double standard?


I know a few people are obsessed with Trek, and need a slightly firmer grip on reality, but why are we always seen in a negative light? This situation, in different forms, happens ALL OF THE TIME. We've had other threads on it. It happens on every show that even mentions Trek. It seems, much of the time, as if the only people who don't make fun of us


Thirdly, I know there isn't a chance of converting the naysayers to Trekdom, and fine. It's a great show, and a great concept, but they'll never see it. "To those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who do not, no proof is enough."


Thanks for reading/listening. I'm tired of being picked on and needed to vent. I need to go to work in my credit card/banking night shift job now, where, of course, I lecture everyone who calls on the virtues of Spock versus Q and how much I hate the new version of Romulans and end with "thanks for your call - don't forget Enterprise is on Wednesday night." Just because I'm a fan. :lol:

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