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  1. If she is still your girlfriend after watching 15 hours of DS9, keep her.


    Totally, you're absolutely right. Thanks to all of your for your help and suggestions, particularly ddillard, VaBeachGuy and Lt. Van Roy.


    If anyone has more suggestions, keep 'em coming.

  2. I wasn't thinking of showing her just random episodes. I was thinking of us all organising a crucial creame of the crop, a mixture of essential a-list episodes to watch over the next three months... and yeah, I could show her TNG, but seeing as I only own DS9 on DVD and have only seen the other series but never bought them organising a viewing of TNG isn't excatly possible.

  3. Hey all,


    I'm planning on introducing my girlfriend to Star Trek before the new movie comes out this summer. I would show her the Original seires but I don't own any of it. I was thinking I should introduce my favourite show first (Deep Space Nine) anyways, but then I remembered something. When I was at university in my final year I was living with a vegan existentialist named Leo and I did the same thing, introduced him to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but the some episodes are pretty cringe worthy and a little bit irrelevant to the overall plot and because it took so long to plow through we never got to the good meaty stuff in series five, six and seven (Bald Sisko, The Defiant, The Dominion, The War, The Prophets, Dax and Worf) because I finished university and had to leave. Now I'm living in Japan with my girlfriend but I'm planning on moving back to England at the very end of may/very beginning of June... and I was to try and get through DS9 with my girlfriend. Can you guys recommend some good episodes which cover all of the main plot AND recommend any really good episodes which help to support the overall story, character development and audience enjoyment? I would watch the whole thing but there just isn't time...


    Thanks in advance -


    Lt. Evans

  4. Yeah... totally loved the Dominion War. As a kid I was always really eager for things to escalate in TNG but they never did, then DS9 came along and fufuilled that need when I was a teenager. What I didn't kind of like and will always make me sad was that they left the ending kind of... unfinished... shall we say? True it was followed up in books, but that wasn't quite the same. No chance of a movie covering the return of Sisko, but if I ever came in to an obscene amount of money I'd stop working, read all the books and try to combine them to make a fan movie. Never mind... it was good overall, but the opening credits theme was better in season one episode one than the slightly altered music they were using by the time the final episode of season seven aired. Intro was better once CGI came along though.

  5. For my final project at University, I was inspired by an DS9 episode to get together with some artists and write short stories around things they drew and then have them draw more drawings based on what I wrote. My teacher really likes the project but I wanted to include a picture of the sketch of DS9 which the character Roy Ritterhouse drew for Benny Russell. Does anyone have a copy they can stick on this post for me? I think it would be a nice picture for the final page of my documentation.


    Thanks in advance!


    - Lt. Evans

  6. Recently I have been thinking a lot about the 'War on terror' and its future and its impact on human society. Terrorism has existed for hundreds of years, not just since the wars in the Middle-East put dating back to Irish terrorism again England or Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up the houses of parliament. Terrorism affects millions of people every year not only in America but in Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. The war on terror is founded on a belief that terrorism is inherently wrong.


    I remember when my friend Dan Douglas told me that he thought that terrorism had its reasons. If you negotiate with someone and the negotiations get both of you nowhere because you won't back down, if that person takes something from you and won't let you have it back until you give them what you want is attacking them the best resolution?


    I couldn't help but think of Major Kira in DS9. She whole-heartedly supported the use of terrorism against the Cardassians because they occupied her planet and persecuted her people. As a result she is forced to confront the 'rights and wrongs' of terrorism across a broad spectrum of examples. Is murder right? I believe that Kira would say so and if she likened her experiences to any event in human history she would compare it to the Jewish revolts in Poland against the Nazis, but perhaps not the attacks against New York and Washington by Al-Qaeda.


    Then again maybe she would sympathise with Arabic culture, while not as affected as the Jews were by the Nazis, the Americans are guilty of crimes themselves. The genocide of Native Americans, the enslavement of Tribal Africans, the mistreatment of Vietnamese because of American foreign policy during the era of 'The Domino Theory' and then Modern Day wars over oil from 1990 to 2006.


    Maybe I'm getting a little to wrapped up in this but I think its a shame that Kira and Sisko never discussed modern day events after they had passed. Also my comments do ignore the fact that Star Trek history is different to our history, after all I read somewhere Colin Powell was supposed to be President in the Star Trek universe on the date that George Bush got into power.


    I dunno, just some things to think and talk about... and here's the quote that started this train of thought:-


    Terrorism has once again shown it is prepared deliberately to stop at nothing in creating human victims. An end must be put to this. As never before, it is vital to unite forces of the entire world community against terror. - Vladimir Putin

  7. This is going to seem really random but this is addressed to people who will actually have seen this advert/commercial, but some time during the late eighties or possibly the nineties there was a Crunchie advert that had a song playing over it which went:-


    I'm so excited and I just can't fight it

    I know, I know I want you... I want you


    The advert had people made out of chocolate in it and I seem to remember there being a rollercoaster. Anyhow, I want a copy of that song and I don't know what it's called. Can anyone help?

  8. This topic is an off-shoot of another message I posted the other day. However, rather than address British stereotypes this topic is more to do with right and wrongs of stereotyping, be it stereotypes of Southerners, Black people, Women, Jews, the Japanese or anyone else. My question is this: do stereotypes lead to discrimination? I didn't think so after reading through everything said in:


    British Stereotypes


    However, while I was continuing my research work I stumbled across this article:


    What A Girl Wants - Apparently, is not much...


    The line which caught my eyes and started this topic is:

    The contrast between her rollicking American self and the tamped-down version she must become while in British society is so oversimplified that it likely will reinforce stereotypes for a youthful audience. The Brits are all stuffy, unfashionable twits, except for the adorable, dark-eyed musician (James) whom Bynes falls for.


    I'm just wondering if people think that stereotypes do lead to racism, homophobia and sexual discrimination. Are stereotypes always counter-productive or do they have their merits? Are stereotypes an important part of the media and literature? Why do stereotypes survive to day?

  9. Americans think we're all polite



    I don't think that, almost every British person I have ever met has been rude. I live in the southern part of the US, so stereotypes are common for us as well


    I'm sorry to hear that. And I agree with you, I think part of the reason that America views Britain in the way it does is because its a secularised society. And the media push this image by acting like there are only Rednecks in the Alabama, Yuppies in New York and Beach Bums in California, e.t.c, e.t.c.


    I guess because Britain is a close ally of the U.S and in some ways one of the main contributers to its ethnic diversity and creation of America; the British get it in the neck as well, just like Rednecks and Yuppies. That said I think we have it better than the Europeans who are supposed to all be gay and we're just supposed to be quite camp. The French are suppose to wear stripped tops, berets, have moustaches and live of onions, garlic, red wine and long sticks of bread. The Germans supposedly to all still wear traditional lederhausen (spelling?) and the Russian are supposed to wear fur hats, have beards, drink vodka and be tough.


    I also think that part of the reason these stereotypes exist is because of the Second World War, when many people met foreigners for the first time and during which most English officers were very la-di-da, if you get my meaning, while enlisted men were very coarse and spoke is bizarre dialects. Likewise the French resistance fighters probably followed a least one of the stereotypes I've mentioned. After the war a lot of Germans pretended to be simple peasant farmers so they wouldn't be arrested for war crimes, which may have given rise to their stereotypes. As for the Ruskies; they arrived out of some of the most bitter fighting in the whole war, half-frozen to death, unshaven, unbathed and glad to be getting drunk. Also women were allowed in the Red Army which would have come as a shock to the Yankies and the British. Just some things to think about.

  10. For a project I am doing I am looking into stereotypes of the British according to other foreign nationals and within literature and the media. As a British person I am very interested to hear what any of you might have to say, and don't worry I won't take any offence - this is work after all. Can you think of any British stereotypes, stereotypical British people or examples of either in the media or literature? Like Malcom McDowell's appearance in South Park or Nigel Pinchley in Family Guy:



    Hello - I'm a British Person


    Perhaps even Lt. Malcolm Reed might be considered a stereotypical British character in some of your eyes, seriously everyone feel free to say what you think and discuss this in an open and insightful way.



  11. Right, for those of you that don't know, Yellowstone park is built on a mountain. Actually mountain is the wrong word for it, Yellowstone National Park is on a volcano. Actually, volcano is the wrong word for it, Yellowstone is built on a super volcano. This volcano is due to explode in the near future and will wipe out America and cover the rest of the world in ash.


    I am not posting this to scare everyone on the fourm. If you want to know more about your impending doom why not visit:


    I, on the other hand, would much rather find out the NAME of this volcano. I've been looking into it and they just refer to it as the Nuclear volcano or Super volcano. Surely it must have been named like any other volcano, can any of you help me find out its name?

  12. I had this discussion with someone else about Sci-fi armies a while ago and we talked about the white uniforms of the Storm Troopers, Space Marines, Terran Republicans, Starship Troopers and various science fiction soldiers:


    » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «










    He argued that nothing we'd seen in the worlds of t.v and film science fiction were realistic because they didn't blend in with there backgrounds: uban/jungle/desert/winter and I argued back that in the future, as technology is proving, camoflague makes little difference. The enemy know where you are without seeing you. Perhaps in the future nations and planets will revert to using more colourful armour like during the Napoleonic wars when the French were dark blue and the British were bright Red and the Prussians wore Grey.


    That said there is science fiction out there which include soldiers wearing camo-gear to avoid being seen, but I'm afraid I like my brightly coloured sci-fi uniforms, after all sci-fi is in some ways just futuristic fantasy.

  13. What I thought:

    » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

    Jeremy Aster - No



    Jake Potts - No



    Willie Potts - No



    Clara Sutter - Possibly, it would be interesting if the crew met her during one of their adventures



    Jay Gordon Grass - Yes, the Infinite doesn't have a science officer, I could see him taking on the role, assuming he joined Starfleet when he was old enough.



    Marissa Flores - Yes, but I wouldn't see her on the U.S.S Infinite, I could see her growing up to be the First Officer of a different ship



    Patterson Supra - No



    Timothy - No, though I imagine he did go on to join Starfleet



    Thanks for the suggestions, I'm seriously thinking about taking this further, when I have a spare moment. Basically, rather than create a load of new characters I want to see or even write a story which includes previously established characters.

  14. the only problem I saw with your idea is that Rugal isn't the first Cardassian to join Starfleet. The first one to join Starfleet is in the Star Trek Titan novels


    I'll have to admit that Ensign Rugal was pushing it a bit, I just wanted to try and meet the crew quota without making up new characters like the 'EMH Mark VII' and the Alien tactical/security officer. Rugal is one of the 'Trek Children', the actor who played him (Vidal Peterson) also appeared as a Romulan child named D'Tan in The Next Generation. However, I don't read any Star Trek novels, I only own one which I haven't ever finished reading because it wasn't particularly good.



    I like the idea. Keep us posted!


    The reason I came up with this idea is because if Star Trek does make a return in some new incarnation it will arrive with new characters who are 2D and lack any real depth. I just thought that with a crew of previously established characters we would have to spend the first few episode fleshing out the characters and could get into action sooner rather than later, however - because now all these characters have met they would still have to spend time getting to know each other, possibly making reference to old trek.



    "Yes, I really like it" option added to poll.


    Thanks, you can't imagine how annoying it was when I made that mistake.



    Aww... talk about helpful or what? :laugh:


    I like the design of the ship, by the way! 100 out of 50! B)


    While I don't want to get sidetracked talking about the ship design, thanks, I picked this design from a list I found because I liked it to. I thought that since Icheb is a former Borg, Star Fleet wouldn't trust him with a large and modern Galaxy Class or powerful Sovereign class ship. Plus, I hate that they just keep churning out new ships so I thought why not use one which already exists? I figure that this could be a central plot line for Captain Icheb, the resentment he feels for being given a second-rate ship and then how he comes to love it.


    With Wesley Crusher I thought that a bitter relationship of jealousy could exist between him and Icheb. Tjis would be because Wesley thinks that he should be captain, but a because of mistake on the U.S.S Titan Wesley has been short changed not only by being kept a commander but by being stuck on an out of date ship. I imagine Commander Crusher could become fond of saying:


    "You know why they call this ship the Infinite, don't you? Because that's how long I'm stuck here."


    Naomi is aboard the U.S.S Infinite at the request of Captain Icheb, who was allowed to request ONE specific crewman of his choice. Her unwavering loyalty to Icheb is not only because of there long standing childhood friendship but because she has secret feelings for him, but doesn't want to get involved with Icheb at the risk of losing him because her mother and father were seperated during Voyager... and fears losing the person she loves so much that she won't ever get involved. Then when she lets her guard down she gets involved with Ensign Rugal and realises that she may have missed any chance of being with Icheb.




    No idea about the other characters yet, I'll keep you posted - if enough people like this idea I might write something more about it, like a test script.


    B) B) :o :)

  15. I just hit upon an idea, while I was watching DS9, I'm sure we're all sad what with no NEW Star Trek on the way. As I was watching DS9 I started thinking about Jake's character and then Nog, and before long I was thinking of all the Trek children. Their futures were always discussed and thought about. I decided wouldn't in be nice if we could finally see them played out? At first I thought many of them wouldn't join Starfleet but then I remembered seeing Lieutenant Wesley during Star Trek: Nemesis getting ready to serve aboard the U.S.S Titan with Captain Riker. Icheb was preparing to join Star Fleet and seemed to have a bright future, and before I knew it I had come up with this! I just want to know does anyone think it's a good idea... or should I be shot for this? To tryand compensate I made Wesley the First Officer... not the captain, after all he is one of the least most popular Trek character ever. Just have a look before you judge...



    » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

    Captain Icheb (Commanding Officer)



    Commander Wesley Crusher (First Officer)



    Lieutenant Naomi Wildman (Communication Officer)



    Lieutenant Commander Nog (Chief Engineer)



    Ensign Molly O'Brien (Counselor)



    Civilian Jake Sisko (Federation News Service Correspondent)



    Ensign Rugal (Pilot + First Cardassian to join Starfleet)


    I was thinking that we could give them a ship, long after the dominion war, a small ship mind, and perhaps quite old by that point. Something along the lines of this:

    » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

    I would personally like it to be called the U.S.S Infinite, that way this new Star Trek would be called Star Trek: Infinite, in concordance with recent Star Treks’ subtitle being named after the ship or station. Also I think that Star Trek: Infinite has a rather charming defiance about it, which would annoy critics of the series and films.


    Again, if you’ve read this far, I would like to sum up by saying I know this idea will probably never be – but the more I think about it the more I like this idea, the more it seems destiny rather than luck. Perhaps it will just exist in our imaginations. Also, if anyone is having trouble imagining episode ideas, I already feel a few beginning to stir in my mind. I also appreciate we’re short a doctor and a security officer, but I was thinking since the holographic doctor was so successful, with fans, why not just have an EMH Mark VII or something? As for the security officer I was imagining a new alien race would play that role or perhaps a race we haven’t had the chance to explore during Star Trek.


    So, what do you think?


    I feel like a right idiot... the poll did work properly and I can't edit it. Oh, cruel fate. If an administrator stumbles on this post could you fix that, please? In the meantime can anyone who likes this ideas say so in there post... meanwhile I expect to get bad polls from everyone who doesn't.

  16. it's official that the fifth season would have at least been the start of the Romulan War, which is why Romulans started to show up in season four. Sad thought of what could have been... :tear:


    I pray that the next season of Star Trek: Enterprise does see the light of day, before someone screams at me that it won't ever happen or why do I care if I don't like 'Enterprise'?! Leave off, I want the next series to appear because, let's be honest, shows have been cancelled and brought back before. Word round the campfire is that enough written complaints has FOX seriously considering bringing back 'Futurama', which was cancelled because some nit-wit in a suit thought:


    "Duh, this isn't the Simpsons... we should just make more Simpsons... duh, new shows are too risky... duh, I only love my money and re-runs."


    Moreover, I wish fans of Enterprise well, I just think DS9 was (ultimately) a better series when it started making grittier decisions. All the other Star Trek(s) were stories set in a universe, a normal story only set in the ST Universe. Whereas in DS9 the writers eventually realised that wouldn't work on a space station so they decided introduce the Dominion War. Suddenly it wasn't a story in the ST Universe, the ST Universe was the story. Most people on this site seem to think TNG is the best, and they're entitled to their opinions.




    Lt. Evans

  17. The final episode "These Are The Voyages", is a holodeck program being viewed by Commander Riker in 2370. The program is set in 2160.


    The episode before that is "Terra Prime" and is set in 2155, it is the last episode to actually be set in Enterprise's present.


    Enterprise did not use stardates.


    The reason I asked is because the Romulan-Earth war took place between the years of 2156-2160, and it looks like the series avoided that war. Probably because it is alledged to have involved the use of nuclear weaponry, and also it is not a original idea of writers B&B. Has "Star Trek: Enterprise" been cancelled then, or are they making another series as we speak?

  18. Alright, well - I'll go ahead with my debate, maybe sometime tomorrow. I won't be rude, I will always value another persons opinion and certainly won't start a flame war. In the mean time does anyone know what year it currently is in the "Star Trek: Enterprise" universe, according to the last aired episode?




    Lt. Evans

  19. I meant the latest episode of the series... sorry, I don't get UPN, I live in the United Kingdom so I see the various Star Treks on Sky One or Channel 4.


    I'm not worried about member bashing, I'm just worried about raising my qualms with the series turning into an argument because another member dislikes what I'm saying... that's all.

  20. Now I know that I don't like Star Trek: Enterprise for a lot of reasons, but this isn't a post slamming the series so please don't flame me or fill this post up with spam. I just have a question about the series, what year is it in the latest episode?




    Lt. Evans


    P.S: Also, is their somewhere I can have a healthy, informative and adult debate and conversation about my qualms with 'Enterprise' which won't be locked by the administrators because of people being rude?

  21. As I said it would be nice to see a religious character. When I was a bit younger I did what every real Star Trek eventually does. I came up with my own crew. The First Officer was a Russian woman I named Commander Nadezhda Chekov, she was a Russian Orthodox Christian.