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  1. In July of 2002, TV guide released a 35th anniversery tribute to star trek. I thought that it was very well compiled. One of the things that it did was break up the different series and give a brief description of each. They also gave a list of the top 5 episodes. This is the list they gave for Voyager:


    1) "Scorpion" Parts I & II

    2) "Year of Hell" Parts I & II

    3) "Timeless"

    4) "Deadlock"

    5) "Someone to Watch Over Me"


    Although all these episodes were good, I felt that the list could have been better compiled. For instance, I really enjoyed "Endgame" and thought that it deserved one of those seats on the top five. Year of hell was a very good episode, but it was one of those time paradox things that are quickly magically fixed at the end by destroying the source of the problem. I also really liked Message in a Bottle, however I may be a little biast since my favorite character was The Doctor, but it was hillarious. Workforce was my favorite 2 parter (besides Endgame). That episode was able to bring out the best in most of the lead actors / actresses.


    So I was wondering on what thoughts other people would have when they looked at this list. I know I'm weird, so maybe it's just that side of me asserting itself :-).

  2. That may be true, and granted I'm not one of those people who has seen every Enterprise episode 2 or 3 times, but from what I've seen, he doesn't have that much command expertice. Yes he was able to take command duriing that time. However, there's a difference from having to take over for a short period of time, and assuming a full command position.


    Don't get me wrong though. Trip is one of my favorite characters, and he does his job well. His character is very mellow, for lack of a better word. He does his job well, but he does have to be told what to do to a matter of extent.

  3. I am surprized at how many people would go with Chakotay. Look at all the situations Janeway got out of that only she would have been able too. The only way I know how to compare this is using DND terms: In DND you can either be good, neutral, or evil. Obviously, both Chakotay and Janeway fit in the good category. However, you can also choose to be either lawfull or chaotic. Janeway is more lawfully good; She always falls backs on the rules of the federation and does "the right thing." (There are exeptions of course, as with everything except 2+2 (and even then maniacs like to disprove that)) Chakotay is more chaotic good. He does the right thing, even if it means going against the law. Even though there were probably times where Chakotay could have made good decisions, there were times that Janeway's knack for getting out of trouble were nessisary for the survival of the ship. Scorpion is a prime example of this. Heck, Seven wouldn't have even be on the ship if Janeway wasn't as persistant as she was. Even though Chakotay wasn't against her in this situation, when Species 8472 was imitating humans, Janeway stuck with her morals and was eventually able to negotiate between the species.


    Edit: I forgot "The Void" Where Janeway was able to use her negotiating skills to create a "mini alliance" between ships, and that's how they escape. I doubt Chakotay would have been able to think of that.


    Now, this isn't saying I don't like Chakotay. He's a cool character, and i do like how he thinks. And he does have a lot of interesting ideas.


    Long story short, I believe that voyager would not have made it home without Janeway (and no, i'm not talking about the Janeway who comes from the future to bring Voyager home.)

  4. I will admit I don't have iTunes specifically, but my music collection is fairly large, consisting of 85% techno (by my last inventory check which was during this past month)


    Most of the techno out there is over the internet, and I download a lot of it, but that's because a lot of the techno artists out there just have their music available for download. However, I do not fully agree with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which is the main document made by the US Congress that forbids illegal downloading of copyrighted music. I still think that 99c a song is too expensive. However, I do still buy my music. I found a site that sells songs relatively cheap. The site is They sell songs based on how big they are, which means you pay more for a higher quality song. It's still pretty cheap. You can get a 320kbps (High Quality) mp3 for about 25c.


    I myself also "still" use cd's because of my car and my limited resources of money to buy mp3 players such as iPods and the such. However, I do have all my music in digital forms on my computer, which provides a HUGE convenience for me, providing index utilities and the ability to mix songs onto a cd.

  5. I know a lot of the science behind Star Trek is fictional (obviously), and I am willing to admit that it doesn't actually exist (even though I believe it does :-) However there is one big question about the Communication Badges:


    How the heck do they work? :lol:


    Sometimes people tap them, sometimes they just start talking. How does the person on the other side know who they're talking to? I would assume they'd just answer "hello", or any statement saying "I'm here" because i don't see how the inital "Captain to Lt. Paris" statement would be heard on the receving side and have them answer so quickly.


    I'm sure there's some sort of pattern to how they work, but I haven't been able to figure it out, so suggestions / answers would be appriciated. :-)

  6. It still would have been interesting if the voyager crew actually did find the ship in tact at least a bit. I realize it would have started a HUGE conflict with the storyline, but it still would have been cool to see.


    I also have a question:


    When the Captain and B'Elanna were examining the "silver blood", it touched her thumb and then duplicated it. Now as we learn in this episode, it was also capable of duplicating mechanical parts as well as organic. Now it was touching other objects before this: such as the tube it was collected in and the science station. However, it didn't duplicate these parts. So I'm wondering, was there something I missed about the silver blood being able to think? They said that it had never been centient untill it duplicated Harry and Tom, so I wouldn't think so. Or this this one of those things that I just need to accept as one of the "mysteries" of the series?


    I also thought that this was a good episode. It was a little depressing, but good none the less.

  7. I love all the TNG episodes



    I agree with this (and most of other star trek episodes). However I did like Ship in a bottle. I do want to know how a hologram was able to take over the ship. Unless he did a lot of real - life studying when he was brought out of it last time, I wouldn't think that he would have the means to take controll of the ship? But it was a great episode.

  8. I think that just different situations call for different methoods of action. Over time, she did become more protective to Seven. I'm not sure if this was because of a more emotional bond between women, or if it was just that seven had aquired a lot of knowledge about star fleet while she was there.

  9. A female captain does add a lot to it. Janeway was also a good actress. However, the main reason I love voyager so much is the doctor. I could otherwise be indifferent about the captain. Her being female however did add to some of the plots and humor.

  10. I need some help on getting the size and crew size of voyager along with other specks such as weapon bays, max warp speed capacity (I believe this to be 9.8, and without including Slip Stream, Breaking Barriers, or any other un-normal experiance this might be). I also need to know how much damage the shield can take. Thx.

  11. This is probably a really old site, but it's still cool, and I just found yeah. Grudge Matches It like takes characters from star trek and puts them up against other things (mostly star wars I will admit) Yeah, I know some of them seem biased against star trek, but st still kicks everyone else's butts right? heck yeah. :P



    Edit: On the main page, you might just have to scroll down and search for star trek, because of the way they have it now.

  12. I would have picked Tom if it was just out of the Voyager crew. However, out of that list, I would have to say spock. Sure he might be getting old at this time (even for a vulcan, or even maybe dead) but that still doesn't mean he's lost any of his brains. He's cool and can think under pressure. Now his PR, That might just be his only setback (if he has one). :P

  13. [/i]Well, let's recount the episode "Omega." We'd all have borg Designations, with star fleet ranks incorperated. Harry would also be cleaning warp coils.


    I really don't think she would assimilate someone. Partially because she wouldn't want to, because she liked voyager, but also because she couldn't after the doctor took all of her borg implants off (well not all of them, but you know what I mean. So yeah. :eekout: